I don’t like American blacks. In my travels in Africa, I never encountered any blacks that had the attitudes or behaved like American black people. They were hard working, polite and sincere, friendly and helpful. I know that’s not all of them and I know they commit atrocities against each other that are horrifying, but blacks always have treated each other worse than they treat anyone else. For centuries, if not millennia.

Fox News just posted an article on one Carmine Aska, saying he threw a nine year old boy off a 5 story roof. Carmine is 17 and black and his victim is a little 9 year old white boy. Carmine told the police that it was just a “tragic accident” but the little white boy, who is now in an induced coma, in critical condition, was able to tell the police that Carmine dragged him up there and threw him off.

If a white guy did that to a little black kid, everyone would be screaming HATE CRIME, HATE CRIME, but where is that in this story with our media? Not even Fox mentions the races of this worthless nigger and his little white victim. This Politically Correct disparity in reporting is what really gets me fired up about black violence against whites.

In Chicago, another black woman, Jamille Marshall, 22, threw a puppy off her third-story balcony “because it wasn’t hers and she didn’t want it”. Hey, no better reason than that to pitch a puppy off a balcony, right? When she was arrested she laughed about it to the cops. Throwing puppies off balconies is fun for niggers, I guess.

Michelle Obama is in the news again, making a big show of meeting with the family of a 15 year old BLACK girl who was killed in BLACK GANG crossfire. Someone remind me, please, when it was in the past 4 years that she ever expressed the slightest sympathy for a murdered white child?

Barack has repeatedly taken the side of blacks against whites or even Hispanics. Remember Trayvon Martin, the black who tried to kill George Zimmerman, who is actually Hispanic, and how Barack came out against Zimmerman, before there’s even a trial? And stood up for that raving black professor over the white police officer?

Blacks don’t act all that well in the UK, or Europe generally, but at least they speak English like everyone else instead of that “we beez needun de welfares” crappy-sounding gutter patois they try to pass off as a new language called “ebonics” here in the U.S. . It’s just nigger talk, is all it is.

I never met a racist black in Africa, but I never met one here in the States who wasn’t, and if you don’t like me, that’s fine, because I don’t like your racist, low IQ, sadistic black ass a damn bit either. Blacks live in Africa, the niggers live in America. 90% of our worst violent crimes are committed by only 12% of our population, and they’re all black. The crimes they commit are revolting.

“Nigger” is a peculiarly American expression that derived from the Southern drawl way of saying negro, “nigra”, and came to be applied to blacks of low intelligence or otherwise undeserving of respect. After the Civil War, the  angry white Southern losers took it out on the blacks and referred to all of them as niggers.

I’m not a Southerner and the Civil War was 150 years ago, a little before my time, so I make a distinction. This is only a racial issue involving American blacks and no one else, and only because I’ve been treated to so much American black racism. Blacks get all upset over any white using the word “nigger”. Well, don’t act like one and then you won’t have to hear it.

I have my own little names for worthless whites and others. Just to make the point.

5 Responses to “DON’T LIKE U.S. BLACKS”

  1. One of our homeschool moms passed away from breast cancer on November 5. She was from Ethiopia. You may have read about her at my blog.

    Anyway, this lady — yes, a LADY — was not at all like an American black. The ways that she differed are too numerous to count!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    That’s exactly my point. Not all the black people I met in African nations were the nicest you’d want to meet, but many were, and none were racists.

  3. PALADIN says:

    U owzzzzz it ta meeeee whiteee ! Yooz put my peeps in Chainzzz and slverrry and u owzzz it ta meee !
    I wantz my freeez foownz and chitlinz…u owwwzz it ta mee cuz Bro Jackson say sow !

    *****SNEER****** !
    I got no use for the majority of me they are niggers.
    There is a minority who are good decent folk, and work hard for what they got, but the vast, vast, majority of em are nothing but a scourge on society, and cost us billions.
    And the fact they do nothing about it but blame whitey or others for their problems makes it even harder for me to accept anything about them.
    And they are way more racist than any other race, i’ve seen it here in Maryland.

    Nope , no sympathy here for em…none.

    • ks says:

      they’re disgusting, pathetic, violent, creeps. i guess any race who refer to each other as monkey must be a pretty unhappy lot. they hate white people and it is all based on jealousy. Whites need to wake up and get over their guilt complex about these psychotic losers.

  4. robert osborne says:

    White people that shout racism should be made to spend a time in a typical black community. In my foolish youth I was what might be described as an employment activist for blacks. Their is a saying that a job isn’t ‘going to come knocking on your door’ but that’s what I did among other things. Jobs in hand, and found to my surprise little interest in good paying entry level employment. The “chance” they claim to be forever denied (I was offered a box of 144 stolen shower heads though).
    In retrospect, this was the first of many puzzle pieces that if viewed separately meant little. But if joined form a picture of a group unworthy of the $$ and sympathy they recieve.