You don’t hear about it much anymore, but it used to be a common news story shortly before tax reporting time every year where some business, or particulary the office, would suffer a fire that destroyed all the files. Oops, sorry, IRS. Jokes sprang up about “annual office fires”.

The L.A. police department has their own version of this. When I heard that Dorner, the ex-cop on a rampage, was holed up in a cabin in Big Bear, I knew that cabin was going to burn. What better way to avoid having to admit they fired him for snitching off another cop?

Too bad, too, it was a real nice looking cabin, not that L.A. gives a damn, and I hope the owner had plenty of insurance because the cops will blame the fire on Dorner even though there’s no doubt in my mind that they fired in some incendiaries after surrounding the place. They have a history of burning down the houses that fugitive killers are trapped in, as the easiest and safest way for them to kill the person.

The L.A. cops gained their first real notoriety for this method when they burned down the house that the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) bank robbers were holed up in. They claimed that the tear gas they fired in caused the place to catch fire, but that’s a load. It was deliberate. Being questioned about it taught them a lesson, though, because after that they blamed all the fires on the people in the house and still do.

Now the investigation, which never happened for some strange reason, ho ho, into the firing of Dorner will definitely¬†never happen and the truth of the crappy way he was treated will never be admitted by the L. A. P. D.¬†.¬† I mean, why have to admit anything when it’s easier and faster to just burn down the house?


  1. I find it hard to believe that the police did not deliberately torch that cabin.

  2. PALADIN says:

    He was a total douche sack, and was your typical black shithead with waaaaaaay too bad an attitude.
    But the fact that this house was burnt down around him begs to be given a hard stare.

    Will this become SOP ? Remember what happened in Ruby Ridge ?
    The Police and Authorities . especially the Fed are not above the Law.
    One things that bugs me is how people sing the praises of this guy, if he was’nt a nigger and just some white guy, you think anyone would give a shit ?

    The LAPD in this whole affair , looked like total kiddies..amateurs, stupid fucking lollipop lickers.