My pet peeve is racism in the media. Fox News is just as bad as the rest, advertising a huge fund that’s been set up for hispanic students and letting some black pediatrician blab on about how we need to take responsibility for teaching black people how to manage their welfare check money, and all of them show more black faces on my screen than white ones no matter which channel I turn to.

Then we have China threatening everyone, hacking computers all over the place and lying about it, while N. Korea sets off a-bombs and threatens everyone, as Iran is trying to get the a-bomb while threatening everyone.

Our government is becoming fascist. Inflation is going nuts. Rising food prices are going to result in a lot of starvation worldwide, including here. I lost track after the 50,000th Mexican drug war death. Wars are breaking out in Africa.

That’s all okay, though. I can keep smiling, not because I don’t care about all that stuff. Because I don’t take responsibility for it. When we worry about something it’s because we think we should be doing something about it. What exactly would that be? In what way is any of us responsible for any of that mess? I can’t really say “Those who voted for Obama”, because I honestly believe that the election was stolen, that he lost by actual vote count.

Very few of us are actually on the world stage, including me. My big doings in retirement, these days, is being a two-days-a-week volunteer at the local thrift store, and it has its perks, I’ve found out. Anything that’s donated that’s on the list of items we don’t sell there, we can take home if we want it, for free. Today I took home 240 cans of high quality cat food for my half-siamese cat. You never know what people are going to donate. The expiration date is late in 2014, and my cat will have it consumed well before then. Hey, that saved me $120.

That’s the other half of why I can keep smiling. Good things do happen in life, and more often than we may notice if we’re too consumed with concern over all the stuff we can’t possibly do a single thing about. Of course, being old, I have physical problems and a few medical conditions that I know are going to worsen. But hey, there’s nothing I can do about them, aging is what it is, and being alive is still better than the alternative.

All I can do is deal with things as they come along, one day at a time, and be glad I have that one more day of life to enjoy. What’s not to smile about?

4 Responses to “JUST KEEP SMILING”

  1. PALADIN says:

    Well said Bud ! I know one day things will get better, but for now..it is what it is.
    Especially 4 years from now, then things will really get better.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Hah! That;s an assumption I don’t share with you, my friend. I hope so, but I’m not expecting it. Obama is essentially a foreign agent and he wants to bring us down. He wants to see America come to an end and he has a lot of help on both sides of the political aisle. He’s not our problem, he’s just the messenger, although getting rid of a lot of the messengers could definitely turn the tide.

  3. I haven’t been able to cultivate such an optimistic attitude toward this particular stage of my life.

  4. x says:

    To be pessimistic, you may get a lot worse than Obumer. I know you don’t believe it but, as a lefty, he is hardly significant by European standards, have a look at the French president.

    To be optimistic, you just need a longer term view. As an engineer, my observation is that human nature is like an ill-tuned controller. We swing from one idiocy to another but, very, very slowly, it is converging to something more sensible. Come back in a about fifteen thousand years AOW, it will be much more sane by then.

    PS Cats. Yech.