It’s really awful. I mean horrible. Do you realize what “sequestration” means? $83 Billion less dollars are going to be spent by our government, $83 Billion less dollars are going to be borrowed, our government’s spending may only increase by $2 Trillion or so instead of the $2.6 Trillion spending increase they intended. Our national debt may rise by $83 Billion less.

Oh – My – God! What will we do? All the Air Traffic Controllers are going to be out of jobs and all the planes will crash and everyone will die. Obama says so and He Would Never Lie. 200,000 Jobs Will Be Lost. Oh! (Screech, flap flap) Oh someone SAVE US!

Not bad histrionics, eh? You like that? Hey, I can get on a roll here. Do you think I could get a job spreading terror for Obama? That’s a real employment opportunity, you know. He’s not going anywhere, not for years and years. You watch.


  1. Last week, on the even of sequestration, I had a heated argument about sequestration with a client. She considers herself a conservative. And she is a conservative in some ways.

    Yet, this woman has swallowed the propaganda about how all sorts of suffering will ensue if we have sequestration. Not the least of that suffering being what will happen to her husband, a federal worker.

    God forbid that her father’s Medicaid be cut. She won’t take him in, of course. That would interfere with her family’s life.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    This woman claims to believe in small government. But God forbid that her son’s subsidized speech therapy be cut — never mind that he’s been getting “free” therapy for over 10 years — WITH LITTLE RESULT.

    Apparently, many Americans do not want any cuts or sacrifice to have any personal effect.

    The entitlement mentality is everywhere — and not only on the Left. People do not understand that the government doesn’t have any money other than the money extracted from the taxpayers’ pockets.

    People have been, in one way or another, sucking on the government teat for decades. And they don’t even realize that they are doing so!

    The federal government’s tentacles extend into everything: education, subsidizing the building of fire department buildings (here in the D.C. area), and on and on.

    People refuse to recognize economic realities. They are incapable of peering into the future far enough to see that their children will become adults that are serfs.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    AOW, you inspired my Entitlements article. Thanks. April 15th is still a good ways off, you at least have time to find out what condition your condition is in.

    No need to apologize, I go in fits and starts half the time trying to find something worth writing about.