Hugo Chavez is dead, as all the world now knows, and a lot of us are cheering. Another sociopathic megalomaniac is no longer in power. History marches on. Someday Obama will die, maybe real soon with any decent luck, and Putin. That squawking freak Nancy Pelosi could have a debilitating stroke from one of her constant face lifts, or perhaps too much anasthesia will give her a permanent case of the mumbles. One can only hope. Joe Biden could get lockjaw, oh happy day.

A leaked email is circulating Wash. D.C. and the rounds of the media that backs up what many suspected, that Obama wants to make the spending cuts hurt the American public as much as possible, to both make the Republicans look bad and force them to agree to higher taxes. What a swell president we’ve inflicted on ourselves, eh?

Obama’s black slave, Attorney General Eric Holder, is saying that assassinations of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil by way of drone attacks – and therefore any other method, conceivably – are Constitutional. If that doesn’t scare you folks, it damn well should.

In Hollywood, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are shedding crocodile tears over Chavez’ death. I always knew Penn was a Left Wing Asshole but I didn’t know about Stone. They can both feel free to join Chavez, for my money. I sure do wish actors would keep their clueless opinions to theirselves. The political opinions of actors are about as informed as the scientific opinions of plumbers.

But, look on the bright side. Idiots like Penn and Stone provide some comic relief with their public statements. It’s hard not to laugh at them.

The current Democratic administration will go down as the most corrupt in our history, and Obama’s name will eventually become reviled by those who revere him now, and the end of the reign of Hugo Chavez may bring a new wave of democracy and prosperity to Venezuela.

Now if we can just get Dennis Rodman to stop kissing and loving up Kim Jong Il.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Oliver Stone has a strong engage to Latin America Socialism along his filmaker career.

    He shot some ‘documentaries’ (pure propaganda) idolizing Hugo Chavez and Castro, such as “Comandante” (2003) and “South of the Border” (2009).

    Stone said “Venezuela is the strongest democracy at South America.”

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Back in the 1950’s there was a lot of uproar going on in Hollywood over the Communist influence, and people who were at all associated with Communism lost their jobs and were disgraced. My, how times have changed.

  3. PALADIN says:

    That Nazi Nigger we got for a AG is really pushing his luck.

    Fucking niggers are slowly making this country into Zimbabwe !
    Geez this steams me…worthless fucking nigger President and a Nazi Nigger for our AG…Christ whats this country coming to ?????
    I tell ya, there will be a F’ing 2nd American Revolution real soon , with these Godamn niggers running the show.
    And if that happens , i’ll guarantee you i will join those who stand for our rights and freedoms , and yes i will fight ! Fucking right i will !
    And let those godamn DHS weenies come after me…. They’ll wish they had never been born.
    Fuck when are people gonna wake up ????

    Sorry about the Profanity…but hearing that Nigger Holder say that, has me steamed !
    If this damn country don’t wake up, i’ll be going back to Canada.
    I can’t live in a country with Nigger tyrants running it, and the fucking people too apathetic to do or say anything about it.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Cussing is allowed here. I just draw the line at insulting the host (me) or posting utter bullshit propaganda for Liberals, socialism and Islam.

  5. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Actually, brother Paladin, it will be the THIRD American Revolution.

    The First one was the Independence War.

    The Second one was the Secession War.

    The Third one probably will be the Civil War.

    “Take America Back”.



    I just FEAR it.

  6. PALADIN says:

    Yes Ernesto, i fear it too. My countrymen …not all…but a lot of them are too self absorbed and too f’ing lazy to educate themselves about the NIGGER NAZIS running and ruining this once great country.
    If something does’nt change soon it will be too late.
    I will have a damn good laugh when all those niggers , with their gimme , gimme , attitude and entitlement mentality are told nope ! sorry…no money for your food stamps, and your i-phoes…..and not just them, all the white trash wiggers too.
    And when Liberal yuppie faggot is told…Nope ! no retirement for you…we can’t afford your social security payments, you gotta work till your 100 !
    And especially when their 401 k ‘s are totally worthless.
    And not to mention all the Liberal 20 and 30 nothings , and the MacFags who voted for the nigger tyrant. I’m gonna laugh my ass off !

    It’s the older generations i feel sorry for…our veterans who sacrificed so, so, much, all the people who worked hard all their lives whether they were small business people or blue collar folks.
    The ones who gave a damn and voted for common sense and decency.
    The ones who were’nt morally and mentally lazy and educated themselves about Obastard , instead of voting for the cult of personality and celebrity like the Liberal shitbags did.

    Damn how did this country get so fucked up ?
    I truly despise ALL Liberals….the bacteria in dogshit and vomit is a higher form of life than a Liberal.

  7. PALADIN says:

    Blacksheep, appreciate your letting me vent here.

    Anytime you want the Language to be clean let me know.
    (this deal with Holder has me steamed ! Enough is enough.
    I hope everyone of these fuckers suffers for what they have done or are going to try and do.

    What a sad and sorry situation we have in our beloved Republic, and it’s only get worse.

  8. Black Sheep says:

    Paladin, no problem. I know I have a view or two that you don’t share but that’s okay. We’re on the same page with the essentials and we both know it. As for cussing, it’s all part of the English language and I cuss on this blog whenever I damn well feel like it.

  9. Obama, apparently, has no qualms about upsetting children and blaming their disappointment upon the evil Republicans of sequestration.

    What a load, huh?

    Today, the WaPo carried this column. See how evil sequestration is? Pfffft.

    As for Chavez, good riddance to bad trash. But you know what? I’m betting that Venezuelans will “elect” someone equally as vile.