It doesn’t matter what was done or to whom, all that matters is whether the police get involved or not. Then it’s everyone against the cops.

This is the attitude of blacks in every black community in America, and we’ve seen it repeated many thousands of times since the Civil Rights Movement gave blacks the confidence to stand up for their rights. Because in everything they do, American blacks always overdo and over-reach. They were given their freedom to be like everyone else and they threw it away in favor of being vengeful and outrageous. Which, on a side note, is exactly what homosexuals have done, too. Over-reacting.

The latest melee occurring in a negro community against the police was over the shooting death of a 16 year old black boy who police say pointed a gun at them and they shot him. The parents of this person held a candlelight vigil for him and the blacks in that community used this as their excuse to raise hell all over the neighborhood, looting the local convenience store and attacking police who showed up.

Every time blacks get all outraged over one of their members being shot dead for some stupid, assaultive move, they use that as an excuse to run around looting and smashing things. But only if it was the police who did the shooting. They shoot and stab each other to death all the time, but none of them get upset about that, only if the police stop one of them from shooting and stabbing.

Blacks all over Africa behave much the same way, committing horrible acts of violence and cruelty against each other. The difference there is that these acts are directed against other tribes and those of other religions, which with Africans is pretty much the same as belonging to a different tribe anyway. Here, even after several hundred years of living within Western civilization, the veneer of it is still really thin and blacks still react to police intervention as an attack from an outside tribe.

Which is my conclusion as to why. They have a tribal mindset that’s set in their DNA and they probably don’t know why they act that way, themselves.  I don’t think they do it to be troublemakers, though the backlash from the slavery years surely is a part of it, anger waiting to be unleashed. Negroes also are generally more violent than other races, as crime statistics prove, and that doesn’t help keep things peaceful.

Granting them equality in our society was necessary if we’re to truly call ourselves a democracy, but the reality is that no matter how much they wanted that equality, they weren’t ready for it. It may take thousands of years of assimilation before they lose their tribalism and join the rest of humanity.

7 Responses to “BLACK AND BLUE”

  1. x says:

    Sounds familiar. The 2011 riots in the UK, like nearly very major riot we have had in 50 years, was kicked off by, and disproportionately involved, blacks.

    Maybe Duggan did not actually have the gun in his hand and a policeman did react too quickly but there seems to be no doubt he had a gun in the car. The only photo even the liberal press could find immediately after the shooting showed him in gangster pose, pointing his finger at the camera.

    Does it ever occur to the blacks and liberals that, just maybe, he could have avoided his fate by not being a gun-toting gangster? That if blacks were not so disproportionately involved in gun crime in London that the police would be less jittery? That maybe prejudice against decent blacks would not be so high if so many were not like Duggan?

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Xoggoth, your new comment box says “() not permitted country. Sorry.” You don’t want us Yanks soiling your comment page now? Humph!

  3. x says:

    Suppose cos I’ve too lazy to update the country thing. Will get round to it.

  4. x says:

    Should be ok now we hope.

  5. PALADIN says:

    Hey Blacksheep ! Yeah the life of punching cows and playing nursemaid to a bunch of damn heifers can get old real quick, specially when ya gotta get up at 3 in the morn, and she’s having problems punching that calf out.
    Then ya get the S of a B in the corral, and she decides she does’nt want to go into the barn , and turns on ya and tries to stick one of her horns where the sun don’t shine ! Damn that happened to me last night, i had to saddle up and try and rope the bitch in the dark, which i did’nt get done.
    when she seen that horse and rope, in the dimly lit corral , i guess she figured hey ! he ain’t playing around.

    Then i get the turd in the squeeze chute and i’m feeling around..trying to find the calfs legs so i can get the puller chains on…and she shits all over my damn arm ! Not a little …but a major damn shower of it ! Damn !
    She just about got introduced to the “board of education” !
    Luckily she settled down and i got the chains on, and out pops a big calf…son of a bitch ! Huge ! we weighed him and he clocked in at 130 pounds ! I name the little turd Arnold Shwrazeneeger.

  6. PALADIN says:

    BTW I would like to introduce some of those badasses in the “hood” to a horse and rope.
    Nothing takes the fight outta man or beast faster than one end of a rope around their neck and the other end on the saddle horn.

  7. Black Sheep says:

    LOL Hey glad you’re having so much fun, ho ho. I know you’re looking to the future, tho, when those calves are full grown and on the market.