I hate being right sometimes. In my post before last, IN SAUDI WE TRUST, I said that the precursor to a hijacked airliner destroying the White House would be cuts to the number of air traffic controllers. Today it was announced that the FAA is closing 149 air traffic control towers. Not just controllers, but entire towers, and of course the reason given is the sequester bullshit.

First, the DHS wants to make it okay to carry small (but oh, so very sharp) knives aboard passenger planes. Then the White House, Obama that is, gives the Saudis Trusted Traveler status so they can board those planes without searches of themselves and their luggage, including their carry-ons. Then the number of air traffic towers is drastically cut, making it hugely more difficult to detect and stop a second 9/11 attack.

The next attack, for which the stage is now all but set, will be blamed on Iran, because the Saudis want us to attack Iran. The attack will be set up by Saudis but carried out by recruits from other countries, to keep the finger of blame from pointing at the Saudis. Government spokespeople will verify that the attackers were Iranians.

What the Saudis really want out of this is not just neutralizing Iran as an enemy, but the destruction of Israel as well. So here’s the timing of this mess: First, our intelligence must indicate that Iran has acquired the atom bomb and has the means to drop it on Israel.  Then comes the second version of 9/11. Then the  Iranians will be convinced through seemingly valid evidence that Israel carried out the attack on the U.S. and made it look like Iran did it, to get the U.S. to go to war with Iran.

Iran then drops a nuke or two on Israel, we go to war with Iran “to defend ourselves and our ally”, the Saudis are overjoyed with their success as other Mid-East nations join in on the attack on Israel, while we “are spread too thin to be of much help to them”. Obama stated during his visit to Israel that Israel has the right to attack Iran on their own, without our help, and that’s the other scenario. We wait as Israel attacks Iran, reneging on our promise to back them up, hoping that Israel is overrun by the surrounding Muslim states.

It should be plenty clear now why Obama keeps putting off attacking Iran. Iran isn’t ready to attack Israel. Once they have the Bomb and believe that our imminent attack on them is because they were set up by Israel, then they won’t hesitate to attack Israel. If anyone sees anything wrong with my logic here, don’t keep it to yourself, speak right out.

UPDATE  and no doubt more will follow. Obama is now being urged to intervene in Syria. Doing so would “spread us too thin” as I pointed out, with our involvement in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to help Israel. Therefor, he will involve us in Syria.  Watch. I told you about what really happened at our embassy in Benghazi, Libya as well as what would NOT happen afterward, and events have proven me right. I know what Obama is and what his agenda is.

Why does the Department of Homeland Security want to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for domestic use?

Are they expecting big problems with us citizens? Hmmm? Or an invasion? I mean, one billion, 600 million bullets.

4 Responses to “SECOND SAUDI ATTACK, STEP 2:”

  1. PALADIN says:

    I like your analogy. You are probably bang on….no wait….i’m not gonna bet ya because i’m thinking the same things !

    That low life son of a bitch in the White House isn’t gonna be happy till he starts the 2nd American Revolution…but he is gonna get the shock of his life when he finds out that he is on his own..well he and a handful of turds who will support him no matter what.
    There is a little hope in the fact , that last week a Congressman from Texas I think..his name escapes me at the moment , who is asking questions about this DHS ammo debacle.
    That Big Ugly Ruglickin bitch (Napolitano) has a lot of splainin to do !

    FOX News should grab this story by the horns and run with it, as it would show most Americans who are disciplined enough to notice that Obamuagbe is a fucking tyrant….and all his goons like Big Ruglicking Sis .

  2. PALADIN says:

    He, he,…… I guess my comment got erased at righttruth.
    Guess they didn’t like me calling George W Bush a son of a bitch…ya know what ? he is a son of a bitch.
    So many of these so called Conservative bloggers WILL NOT ADMIT THE TRUTH about that turd, he was no friggin better than Obama Be for fuck sakes.
    It all had to do with Putin meeting Xi Jinping the new commie boss in China.
    I made the comment that between Bush and Obama , the Chinese own us, and if it suits their purpose , all they have to do is call in the trillion dollars we owe them and we’re done !…….Guess that didn’t go over too well.
    George W Bush was a fucking traitor…not as bad as Obama, but he did things to this country that were disastrous, and he wasn’t some sort of Great American President like a lot of Conservatives like to think.

    He was dumb son of a bitch, and he was a RINO…and he was a walking disaster as a President.
    And he is the main reason the Chinese basically own us , lock stock and barrel ! If he wouldn’t have gone down that slope of borrowing money from the chinks , Obama wouldn’t have had the excuse he needed to do the same.
    There I’ve said it….if anyone don’t like it…you can go piss up a rope.
    And if anyone don’t like me referring to our Chinese enemy as chinks…you can go piss up a rope too.
    (Anyone who thinks the chinks like us and are our friends …Google “Unrestricted Warfare ” and educate yourselves. )

  3. Black Sheep says:

    I gave up on Right Truth long ago. I think Debby is an opinionated idiot. You can’t tell her anything she doesn’t want to hear, that goes against what she thinks. Her comments on other blogs are always trite as hell. She has no substance.

    Shit, I’ve been calling G.W. Bush a traitor for years, where the heck have you been? 😀 He’s a Liberal who ran as a conservative, a lying fuck who used the Saudi attack on us to attack Iran in hopes of taking their oil. But the dumb ass Bush family screwed it all up and now look at the mess, and all our dead and wounded.

    I don’t need to Google “unrestricted warfare” to imagine what that means to the Chinese. Geneva Convention? What the hell is that?

    Which reminds me of Traitor Bush, who once yelled at his cabinet for repeatedly telling him that things he wanted to do, and was doing, were unconstitutional: “Stop shoving the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddam piece of paper.”

    So don’t feel bad if she doesn’t like what you have to say. She doesn’t like what I have to say, either. For that matter, I’m really about done with the AOW blog. They keep posting about personal problems and seeking sympathy, and I just hate whining. The post topics seem to me to be less interesting as time goes by, too. Today is about lots of robins. Then there’s the Musical Interludes, separated by “Brutal Honesty” (a whine), “What Is A Racist”, and “The Lorax”, a gripe about some school’s teaching methods. Then the people who are commenting there now are a bunch of crybaby sympathizers, blabbermouths and self-appointed geniuses who leave 6 comments in a row. It’s turned into a forum for whiners and almost no one sticks to the thread.

    There’s REAL SHIT going on out there in the world. Blog owners can do what the hell they like with their blogs but that doesn’t mean I have to keep spending time on them when they turn into a waste of time. I like Mrs. AOW but her blog has been boring hell out of me these days. Yes, I would like it if my blog had a lot more popularity, but not at the expense of posting videos of Chopin and Brahms, and tolerating a bunch of sad whining hanger-ons.

    I guess some of us just get tired of pointing out the bad stuff, and turn away.

  4. PALADIN says:

    Black Sheep, I didn’t post the things I said because you don’t know anything about them, you do ! I just kind of sounded off.
    There is shit going on in this country and around the world that is going to blow up in our faces soon, and being politically correct and sanitizing everything serves no damn purpose at all ! Again… I know you are aware of that, you are well read. The irony of it all, is that these people blog constantly about how much political correctness pisses them off, yet they practice that very philosophy on their blogs !

    I’m of the belief we are at War, not only against the chinese , but the forces of that 7th century death Cult called Islam as well.
    Being sanitized and practicing P.C. isn’t going to make it go away.
    a lot of these people may be highly educated, but they have no understanding of what we are up against.
    I’ve served in the Middle east, I seen what the hell went on over there in the 80’s for fuck sakes. And when the shit hit the fan in 01..was I surprised at all ? Not a damn bit ! Angry yes ! But not surprized .
    How anyone could say in the days after 911 that , that Godamn Bush was a good President after he declared : Islam Is Peace ….is beyond me .
    Remember that ?

    So old pard, welcome to the blog sphere of No PC and no bullshit.
    If there’s one damn thing i’m gonna do it will be to tell the truth.
    And if that means saying the truth about George Bush, then I will do it, and any other Conservative who turns coat and bullshits.

    This ain’t CNN or any of the other bullshit media.

    I say what I mean , and mean what I say. Period.