Some senators, siezing the political opportunity, are publicly pressuring Hussein O. to treat the remaining terrorist muslime as a prisoner of war, as he properly should be. So All Praises to the great Whoozis in the Sky, sometimes politicians can do the right thing when there’s advantage in it for their careers. Not often, though. Don’t get your hopes up.

BUT… because of this pressure to interrogate the guy, I do wonder when he’s going to unfortunately take a turn for the worse and die, because I know damn well he was in cahoots with Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, the young Saudi student who was hurried back to Saudi Arabia, entirely because he was innocent of any wrongdoing, of course. Who do these clowns think they’re kidding? If he was an innocent bystander and a legitimate student, then why was he abruptly declared cleared of involvement and hustled out of here?

What a bunch of liars we have running our country! I almost wish there really was a Hell, just to have the satisfaction of knowing they’d all burn forever, but no such luck. Dammit!

Justice is something that happens only occasionally, to the few. Most of us just get screwed over on a continual daily basis to the point we become almost inured to it. It’s rare times when we, or the world, does see justice become etched in the stone of history, like when Benito Mussolini was torn to pieces by an angry mob of Italians, when Germany was split into four parts and the Russians got a big part, and made life miserable for the Krauts, or when two nukes were dropped on Japan and they endured a fine taste of the horrible suffering they’d inflicted on so many other innocent people. The good part of that one is that the radiation continued to kill and maim them for years. Sometimes evil really does get it’s just rewards, though the Germans should still be suffering for the millions upon millions of people that died horribly at their hands.

That this young muslime is suffering now in a hospital from his wounds is a good thing. It’s justice. No amount of suffering on his part will ever equal the suffering he inflicted on so many others, and it’s a shame we don’t allow torturing of assholes the way they do among others like him, because it would be a good thing to get him all healthy and then torture him nearly to death, rinse and repeat, for 50 years.

If he’s not assassinated by some NSA type on Obama’s order, he’s likely to have a life of imprisonment and at least some level of constant misery, and he can pray to his imaginary Whoozis all he likes, it won’t get him free. Considering that he did try hard to escape, means that he wanted to stay free, so at least we can deprive him of that. Small justice is better than none.

Sunday eulogy: Dianne Feinstein, Rest In Peace. Even though you competed with Barney Frank for Most Incredible Asshole Ever In Politics, now that you’re dead I have to give you credit for at least not being the ugliest of all the nasty old hags who’ve ever been in Washington, though you sure came close.

Nothing you ever had to say was worth saying and in fact, if you’d kept your mouth shut throughout your life, America would be a helluva lot better off for it than it is now.

But now that you’re dead and rotting in the ground… wait a sec….. What’s that? She’s not dead yet? DAMMIT!

5 Responses to “SUNDAY SERMON”

  1. D. Tsarnaev is still in critical condition and, supposedly unable to speak. It could well be that he’s in multiple systems failure, which can occur with substantial blood loss.

    I’ve also heard that he has neck wounds. Brain damage is possible in such cases.

    So, I have my doubts that he’ll ever stand trial. Hell, we the taxpayers may end up paying for him to stay on life support in a vegetative state.

    As you said, Black Sheep: Justice is something that happens only occasionally.

  2. I just found this: Bomber ‘put gun in his mouth and fired as he was cornered in boat’ and wounds mean he may NEVER be able to be quizzed.

    There are also rumors of a related sleeper cell.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Not so sure the British have it right. He’s supposed to have a wound to his neck but you don’t get that by shooting into your mouth. Nah, that would have killed him right off.

    Now, the sleeper cell thing is another matter. What with all the travelling to Russia and the obvious bomb making training, it’s very likely that they had accomplices here in the U.S. who need to be rounded up.

  4. From the Daily Mail:

    Tsarnaev is believed to have shoved his pistol in his own mouth and pulled the trigger in a failed suicide attempt as SWAT officers and federal agents closed in on his backyard hiding place. However, instead of killing him, the bullet simply tore through his neck.

    He may have been too weak and too disoriented from blood loss to pull off a successful suicide.

    I guess that we’ll get more details later. Maybe.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    “Maybe” is the currently operative word.