Yes, I’m still here, I’m waiting for something valid to happen, if it ever does, before going to the trouble of writing about it. Simply posting something to keep my few readers interested and coming back isn’t why this blog is here.

All the flap going on about the IRS and Eric Holder and so forth is a load of hot gas. Real news would be if this mess were laid at the feet of the one truly responsible, and that’s Brakk Obama. He’s in charge, Holder and the IRS are both under his thumb, he directs what they do and how they do it.

Semi-news would be if Holder were arrested and charged with his crimes as he should be, along with that lying weasel Stephen Miller, but these guys can commit Federal crimes and are allowed to get away with them simply by resigning their positions from which they committed their crimes.

News is when something right is actually done, when the guilty are actually brought to justice. All this yakking and blabbing and testifying isn’t news, it’s milksop for the masses, a distraction, and nothing more.


  1. x says:

    I have almost given up bothering with news, here it’s all

    a) Some ancient celebrity arrested for child abuse
    b) Muslims killing others or each other somewhere
    c) Christians moaning because nobody sane cares about their crap anymore.
    d) Gay (sorry, fag) marriage.
    e) Lefties moaning about not spending even more money on some unproductive sector of humanity.
    f) Yet more political sleeze.
    g) etc etc

    Wouldn’t it be great if something really different happened? like North Korea eaten by a huge centipede or if black underpants turned out to be aliens from outer space or summit?

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Oh Hell, I thought you knew. Aliens from outer space WEAR black underpants, that’s why you never see them for sale in stores. It would be too confusing if everyone wore them.

    Governmental alien chasers all over the world are in on this, and when they suspect someone of being an alien, they get hold of them and yank down their pants to check. Since they like to catch the aliens while they’re masquerading as young people who are moving up the social and, later, corporate ladders, they use young agents to go around pantsing the kids in school.

    Didn’t you ever wonder why that was such a popular thing for some kids to do even though everyone seemed to hate it? Now you know.

    Anytime. I’m always here to answer your questions, even when you don’t ask them.

  3. Experience says:

    Wow x…you nailed it!!