Rapper Wayne Carter desecrating our flag

There isn’t one Hispanic, oriental or white face in the crowd behind this moron who’s jumping up and down on our Flag. This is the difference between ordinary blacks and niggers like this POS rapper, who, in footage obtained by TMZ, is doing his rap thing in front of the American flag, which is then dropped to the ground as he continues to perform the song, which includes lyrics like “My country ’tis of thee / Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die / God bless Amerika / This ole’ godless Amerika.”

One idiot reporter, Jenn Hoffman, says that this is a common form of freedom of expression and nothing to get upset about, “it’s just rock and roll”. Rap has never been rock and roll, it’s a totally different genre and isn’t music at all. As for being upset, yeah. Every nation takes pride in its national symbols, and when some worthless asshole stomps all over our primary national symbol it pisses a lot of people off. She’s too fucking stupid to understand that, I guess.

“Lil Wayne’s exploits are an atrocity to every soldier whose ever fought to protect this great country. His lack of maturity and respect for this country and our flag will without a doubt cost him in album sales”, “This video has gone too far. Lil Wayne’s actions are just plain dumb. What more can be said?” FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

Apparently Twitter is burning with similar and stronger comments, along with many saying Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., the asshole’s real name, should be boycotted.

While I personally respect our flag, I also respect the flags of other nations pretty much equally, as I understand that they mean just as much to their citizens as ours does to us. It’s not nearly so much a patriotism issue as it is acknowledging the deep feeling we all have for our own symbols of national pride. You have to be a fucking idiot not to understand and respect this.

I would dearly love to see Wayne Carter go to Mexico City and trample a Mexican flag, and see how long he survives his beating. This is like that supposed “work of art” that has one of those Jesus-on-a-cross crucifix’s inside a jar filled with piss and called “Piss Christ”. That’s not art, that’s just offensive, like Carter’s flag stomping, and offensiveness isn’t art, it’s assininity.

The following is a comment from a typical black racist, like those in the picture above: “The American flag doesn’t mean the same thing to smart African Americans (my emphasis) that it means to White people. When we look at the flag we think about the more than 250 years of our ancestors being enslaved, raped, killed, by White people. We think about all the hatred we have to handle on the Internet all day every day. Our eyes don’t become all moist and dreamy from living in a fantasyland like ALL of you White people do.” Blah blah blah.

Spoken like a true self-righteous racist nigger-type who takes no responsibility for his own life and blames all his problems on everyone else, who does his best to milk the system of every ounce of free handouts he can get, and says that he’s “getting even with Whitey”.

Color doesn’t matter nearly so much in most other countries as it does here and it’s not everyone else giving blacks a hard time, it’s the opposite. It’s the blacks who separate themselves off from everyone else and call themselves “niggers”, between each other and in their rap. Piling guilt on white people has become a national pastime for blacks in America but not all American blacks feel like this pig Carter does about our flag and our nation, and it’s a sure bet that he’s lost a chunk of record sales now and in the future over this.

We need to come together more as a people, not be divided even more by fools like “Lil Wayne” Carter.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Rap IS NOT MUSIC at all. Indeed.

    Music = Rythm + Melody + Harmony.

    Rap has NOTHING to do with that elements. It’s just repetition. If you listen to one rap “song”, you listened to all.