Headline: Secretary of State Kerry’s wife in critical condition.

So? Who gives a shit? I mean really. Kerry is a politician. Why should that make his wife better than anyone else’s dying wife? Especially when politicians are the scum of the scum anyway. If I knew them and were close to them, I’d care some, no doubt, but I don’t and I’m not and I couldn’t possibly care less. That puts me into the same category as pretty much 100% of the rest of humanity.

A fellow blogger, whom I only know from our communications between our blogs (not quite true, he was a huge help in getting my book published on Amazon) has informed me that his wife has passed away, and that saddens me. I care about this person because I’ve come to know him. Should it be in media headlines that his wife has passed? No. Neither should any lousy politician, when most of us would be thrilled to see them all drop dead anyway.

Sorry about all these sour grapes, but you know, when the media pumps out that sort of “news” without the slightest thought for all of us who’ve suffered personal loss, and that’s pretty much everyone over the age of 10, it just gripes me. They can at least wait until whoever it is has died, and then just publish their obituary on a back page and move on. Making a big deal out of the illness of some politician’s wife is an insult to all the rest of us who don’t know her, don’t care and have losses of our own that are of far more immediate concern. Leave us the hell alone with that stuff.

2 Responses to “SO?”

  1. x says:

    Ta Mr Sheep, it’s nice to have a few people who give a damn. Tomorrow’s the day, got to get through that. Thought things were improving, my previous experience as a nutcase tells me to just get on with life and keep acting normal, eventually it permeates inside. Then I went out on my run today, got a bit lost and ended up on the road I constantly travelled taking M to her appointments at the hospital. Perhaps it was a mistake to pay for free drinks tomorrow, I will probably run up a huge bill myself.

    In some respects you think so like me it’s frightening. Really the world would work much better if we just gave a damn about those that nature equipped us to give a damn about, not this cerebral devotion to humanity in general. Unfortunately, basic maths should tell us that when we devote huge resources and effort to those we have never met, there is an inevitable cost to those we really care about.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I hear you clearly. Back when I was trying to undo all the mental harm inflicted on me by my incredibly dysfunctional family, I found the one method that worked better than all the others was to coat myself on the outside with as much normalcy as I could muster and yes, some of it did work it’s way in and take root. Another way of putting that is that if I made the effort to behave in a way that I knew was considered normal, and persisted at it, eventually that became a mental habit.

    Of course, the problem is that there are possibly an infinite number of situations and so, an infinite number of ways to behave, and the only way to REALLY act normal in all of them is to actually be normal, and by that I mean sane, balanced and centered.

    I did finally get there, or as close to it as I’m likely to ever achieve, and not a moment too soon considering my age. What did it for me was finally understanding that psychopathy runs in my family, I was born without that problem, they knew I was “different” from early on and I became the outcast. Put upon, put down, made to feel incapable and inferior. Hah, my father even thought I wasn’t really his son. I was, though. Better I’d been someone else’s kid, no doubt, but at least I got born.

    Anyway, this allowed me to finally let go of *most* of the pain of not being loved as a child. Amazing how much that matters, it really is. And of course I became able to let go of my family, instead of always hankering after what will never be there.

    Psychopathy, aka sociopathy, is really common. My guess is that at least half of the human population has that genetic twist. It’s a study worth pursuing, even if a person is one of the above. A vast increase in insight into human behavior can be the reward.

    Okay, end of rant. It sounds like you have friends to be with tomorrow, at what I assume will be her wake. Good. Try not to get too schnockered as the pain afterward may not mask your emotional feelings as much as you might hope for. No sense inviting double trouble.