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Egypt has now officially banned the Muslim Brotherhood from existing in Egypt in any form. No political party and no social organizations. “The verdict banned the group itself — including the official association it registered under earlier this year — as well as “any institution branching out of it or … receiving financial support from it…”

Not stopping there, the Egyptian court also ordered the “confiscation of all the group’s money, assets, and buildings” and opened the way for “a wider crackdown on the vast network of the Brotherhood”.

It was Barack Obama who forced the deposing of Egypt’s former President Mubarak and enabled the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood again after it had been banned 85 years ago. He poured $billion$ of our American dollars into the Brotherhood and now what’s left of that money is being confiscated by the proper Egyptian government.

An Egyptian newspaper is now claiming in a front-page story that Barack Obama is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and considering all that he’s done to help them, the claim does not seem entirely unreasonable. Al Jazeera has also posted this story.

If the Egyptians have any sort of proof of that, then it seems the next move would be to ban Obama from entry into Egypt, as a Muslim Brotherhood member. That would shake things up in Washington DC nicely. It would also be a help if there were more publicity concerning Obama’s Muslim relatives who keep getting elected in Kenya and who abet the murdering of Christians.

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  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    LET’S OPEN THE CHAMPAGNE to our the Egyptian court heroes.

    You’re fantastic, boys!

    Great Job.