Every once in awhile, a discovery is made that has to make politics take a back seat, at least for a day.

Back in 2005, 8 years ago, paleontologists discovered SOFT TISSUE inside a fossilized bone of a 68 million year old T. Rex dinosaur. No one believed that this could possibly be actual dinosaur flesh, and it was assumed that it was something else that had gotten inside the bone recently.

Not so. It really is 68,000,000 year old meat, still soft and pliable. It turns out that the iron in our blood is capable of preserving our flesh virtually forever. I never thought of iron as a preservative and neither did these scientists, but a little research has shown that it is in fact an excellent preservative of organic tissue.

After this discovery, “the researchers also analyzed other fossils for the presence of soft tissue, and found it was present in about half of their samples going back to the Jurassic Period, which lasted from 145.5 million to 199.6 million years ago.” Soft tissue still preserved after 200 million years!!!

DNA appears to be present in this iron-rich tissue, though none has been actually extracted as of this date. But you know, sooner or later it will be, and we know what will come next. Ostriches will be laying “special” eggs that hatch out as baby dinosaurs. It’s not going to be much longer now before modern elephants are giving birth to wooly mammoths and mastodons, and there are other projects in the works to bring back other extinct species.

There’s fortunes to be made in re-creating these ancient animals, ala Jurassic Park, besides all those curious scientists who want to learn more about these bygone creatures. What better way to find their answers than to study the behavior of actual, living specimens?

200 million year old dinosaur meat. Wow!

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