LATEST UPDATE: Exactly as I’ve suspected, and said so, all that junk that’s been spotted floating around on the ocean is just that, debris from ships and other floating trash and not one single piece came from the missing jetliner, which is now undoubtedly well hidden somewhere in the Middle East and getting refitted for a nuclear weapon.

UPDATE: Days later, still waiting. All this time and not one piece of debris plucked from the ocean. The stuff the Chinese spotted via their satellites has been passed by with no comment, so that was just floating junk. Now they’re searching some 600 – 700 miles farther on, the seas are calm, but still no news. Why not? No doubt because that stuff is just more junk. My money is still on that jet landing in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Each day I check the news for something, anything new, about that missing Malaysian jetliner, and the news is just fading away. When the Malaysians announced that they were certain it had crashed in the Indian Ocean, that seemed to satisfy the media and they’ve moved on to other stories. The Chinese, however, are as dissatisfied as I am over Malaysia’s claim and are demanding to see all the evidence that Malaysia has.

Large pieces of some sort of debris were spotted in the Indian Ocean by surveillance satellites. When we look at anything on this planet via satellite we can determine within a few feet exactly where it is. We can get instant GPS coordinates. So I would like to know why, of all that junk they spotted in the water, that not one single piece has been reported on as having been found even though dozens of ships went to the spots where they were? That makes no sense at all unless none of it was debris from the airplane and they know more than they want to tell. Because if any of that stuff HAD been from the airplane it would have been announced immediately.

In other words, I don’t believe that none of the searchers found any of those pieces spotted by satellite. They had to have found at least a few.

An airplane that size with so many people on board carries a huge amount of luggage and a lot of that luggage floats. Wing sections float. All the seat cushions float. Bodies float. There’s an oil slick and a fuel slick. When jets crash into the ocean, there’s a huge debris field, stuff is everywhere. Yet there’s no debris field.

Where’s the airplane?


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

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  2. kayjag says:

    That is the very same question I have been asking since 9/11.
    Where is the airplane?

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Kayjag … You’re pretty tweaked. Smoking something special?