Turkey’s been a concern to me ever since Erdogan was elected. Up until then, their military had an historic role in ensuring that Turkey remained secular, by removing anyone from government who tried to impose Sharia law. The first thing Erdogan did was to remove all those secular generals and replace them with Muslim generals, and the second thing was to start converting Turkey into an Islamic state.

He’s had 13 years as president to achieve his goals and it shows. Because of him, Israel has gone from being an ally of Turkey to an enemy, with a series of overtly aggressive acts against Israel and the expulsion of Israel’s diplomats. But maybe a lot of the people have had enough. Most Turks are Muslims, so it was probably a given that eventually they’d vote in an Islamist as their president, but a lifetime of relative freedom is hard to turn one’s back on, no matter how religious you are.

What strikes me the most about the voter turnout is that the Kurdish HDP party gained 12.5% of the total vote. Consider that the Kurdish population is perhaps 15% of the total population of Turkey, or less, and that 12.5% takes on more meaning. Especially when “The HDP ran on a platform defending the rights of ethnic minorities, women, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.” Are you kidding me? The Kurds are much like the Muslims when it comes to “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people”, so this is truly striking.

That 12.5% vote wasn’t a vote in favor of all that LGBT crap or a national group hug of Kurds, it was a vote against the Erdogan regime. A lot of Muslims had to have voted for the HDP party to get that high a count. The Liberal Left may be dancing in the streets of Ankara right now but they’re fooling themselves, this wasn’t a vote for Kurds or a vote for deviancy. It was a vote against the Islamist way of life.

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