Yes, my thousands of loyal readers, this is a plug for Glad Stone Incense, world’s finest hippie incense ever. Try it, you’ll like it and come back for more. www.gladstoneincense.com. 20 long burning and strongly scented sticks per pack and in 18 different scents, Only $3.50 a pack postpaid to your door anywhere in the good old USA. If you want real Hippie incense, here it is. Made by Hippies since 1969, it’s definitely The Real Thing.

Glad Stone Incense is Great for Goths, too, because the scents are true scents, not perfume concoctions. The Cinnamon is actual cinnamon essential oil, along with the Lemon, Orange and so on. If you’re into Gothic, you’ll be pleased with our wares. Tantric, Karmic, Vedic, Astral Plane, Ethereal, Spiritual, or just kicking back, nothing does it like the real thing, and Glad Stone Incense is The Real Thing. Visit Glad Stone Incense today and order up your favorites.


  1. Black Sheep says:

    The reason I do this is because this blog has acquired a lot of relevancy on search engines in spite of not having but a few readers, since it’s been around on the Web for years and years. So when I advertise something, that puts it up on the first search page of them within a few days of posting.

  2. x says:

    Ah! 1969! Anyone got a time machine?

    My blog has a relevance too but only for people looking for sex with (lady) pigs unfortunately.

    PS You’re right, I have had a few vodkas. Feeling low. Lost too many women. And my little van too.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    Sorry to hear about the van. Okay, and the women. The one that really mattered was your wife, the rest come and go. Or hopefully they came before they went, anyway, it encourages them to come back again. But be of good cheer, my friend, I’ve lost everyone, and if that doesn’t make you happy nothing will, right? I mean, no matter how bad it may seem, things could be a whole lot worse.

    For instance, what if you had no vodka? Hmmm? Never thought of that one, now did you? See? Am I right or what?

  4. x says:

    Did you do that website yourself? Looks good.

    One thing though, did not see any postage added. If someone orders from outside the US, hefty postage might wipe out your profit. Paypal lets you calculate postal charges and, in the US, you can vary charge according to currency used.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Thank you kindly for the compliment, yes, I built it and the strobe candle site. You missed the part on the Glad Stone incense page about Postage Paid, the price includes mailing cost for the incense. For the strobe candles, that depends on how many and where to, and that’s already set up for Paypal to calculate and charge the postage. So no worries.

  6. x says:

    Thought incense was just a nice smelly stuff but just saw this:

    “Mice injected with incensole acetate, a component found in the resin of the Boswellia plant – better known as frankincense – showed reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms”


  7. Black Sheep says:

    That deserves a post of it’s very own.

  8. x says:

    Got a fault in 1st of those gladstoneincense links links.

    That’s $200 (£4789) for my expertise please.

    PS Darn it. I really have lost the latest woman this time.

  9. Black Sheep says:

    Found it, an extra dot. Period-type dot. As in .

    Well, at least you’re only losing girlfriends. I was always losing wives. That’s way more expensive and disruptive to the continuity of one’s plans and desires and so forth, etcetera. Ho ho, Spell Check underlines “etcetera”. Dumb asses don”t know what etc. is short for? They should have had me approve their vocabulary list, but NOOOOO. Dumb asses, mumble gripe bitch….