Jews have the right to visit the Temple Mount, the place where King Solomon of the Israelis built his temple, followed by the rise of Islam, destruction of Solomon’s temple and then the building of the Al Aqsa mosque after the Muslims conquered the area. It was sacred to the Jews long before the insane Muslims ever believed the bizarre fantasy that Mohammed flew over it.

But the Muslims don’t like seeing any Jews up on the Temple Mount, which is located on a hilltop known as Mount Moriah, in East Jerusalem, also known as Old Jerusalem. So lately they’ve been attacking them, mostly by having their children go there and throw rocks at the Jews, but the attacks have been escalating into riots. Now Jordan is threatening to join the other Arab states in attacking Israel unless, and this is apparently what they’re demanding, unless the Jews let the Muslims throw rocks at them unimpeded and unabated.

PM Netanyahu has a different take on this behavior, he’s arranging for rock-throwing penalties to be hugely increased, with major fines levied against both the rock-throwing little bastards and their parents.

No US or European media is reporting on this, even though the fight over control of the Temple Mount is the focal point of all the Muslim antagonism toward the Israelis. The Muslims are still whining about Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Israeli-Arab war. All the Arab nations that could, launched a simultaneous attack on Israel back in 1967 and Israel beat the crap out of all of them, and annexed E. Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as spoils of war. The worthless, cowardly Arab Muslims have been yapping about it ever since. No wonder they don’t play soccer or other such games, they’re the worlds poorest losers.

Anyway, (it’s so easy do digress when speaking of Muslimes) this looks like yet one more attempt by the Muslimes to generate some sympathy for another attack on Israel. They always blame the Jews for all their own shit-stirring and trouble-making, and with Jordan -maybe- lining up behind them too, it just brings the Mid-East another step closer to another war, which would prove a disaster for the whole world’s economy because, of course, oil. Israel is pretty unlikely to allow itself to be conquered and destroyed without using it’s nukes as a last resort, and the goal of the Muslimes is to destroy Israel. They might succeed but the cost will be extreme.

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