In the news this morning is the joining of Russia’s military with France’s in the bombing of Raqqa, Syria, which is a major ISIS stronghold, allegedly. While no formal military agreement has been announced between the two nations at this early date, Putin’s made it clear by this that he’s willing. I think we may soon see an actual formal defense coalition between Russia and France. How about them apples, huh?

There are side issues here, it seems. The Russians had ordered two Mistral amphibious assault ships, helicopter carriers actually, from France for about 1.2 billion Euros or so, and France built them and installed lots of secret Russian electronics and other gear. Then the US, through NATO, put pressure on France not to deliver the ships because of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. France complied and made a deal with Russia to pay back their costs, which they did. Now Egypt is buying those ships and plans to equip them with Russian attack helicopters.

What does this mean? The way I see it, Russia still gets the ships, just by proxy. Russia will train the Egyptians and there will be both Russian and Egyptian pilots and other personnel operating the ships and aircraft, and the ships will have a warm water port, something Russia lacks. France is paying back about a billion Euros to Russia and is probably getting it all back from the sale to Egypt, that Russia is very likely financing, since Egypt is actually dirt poor and can’t afford those ships. See how each part fits the whole?

Like a game of Chess, we could carry this scenario way into the future just by looking at the present position of the game pieces and reviewing the possible moves. Once Obama is out of office, assuming he does leave office at last, our alliances in the world are bound to change some. Up to now, most national alliances have been economically based and we’ve accommodated for our own benefits, economically, nations that otherwise are enemies. Now, ISIS is forcing a change in these alliances.

For all the outcry over Russia’s takeover of Ukraine, there’s been no further effort by them to absorb other Balkan nations and I personally think their actions were justifiable. Regardless, Russia is an ally against the rise of Islamic State, and we need to be on their side and them on ours. Allying with Russia would be good not just for the US but for the world, both militarily and economically. Just for starters, such an alliance would finally end the insanity of Mutual Assured Destruction between us and the colossal and perpetual expenses of our mutual arms race. Humanity could then actually start hoping for a bright future. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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