The argument over whether to bring thousands of Syrian refugees from the fighting there, 8000 miles to the U.S., is mindless. There will be some among them who are intent on terrorist acts and there will be others with them who will be persuaded to join them. Obama wants 10,000 brought here as the starting point, with possibly hundreds of thousands following, instead of simply setting up safe areas for them over there or compelling neighboring nations like Jordan to take them in. The United States is not required to save every displaced person. For that matter, it’s not our problem anyway. Did we lift a finger when Chairman Mao was killing off tens of millions of Chinese?

At a time when our poverty rate has never been higher, wages lower or jobs of any kind harder to get, Obama wants to flood us with refugees who are unskilled or skilled in crafts no business here has any use for and who are almost all Muslims hostile to democracy who will never assimilate, and who will all go on welfare programs. This even as illegal aliens are pouring in over our unguarded southern border in record numbers.

The leaders of France and England are uniting with Russia’s Putin to aggressively attack ISIS, while Obama makes aggressive noises and tells Russia they can’t support Assad in Syria. Syria and Russia have been allies for decades, and Obama’s mouthings are nothing more than farts in a paper bag.

The Democrat Party is starting to rebel against Obama, because while many of them are sincere Socialists, they don’t agree with his desire to wreck our country. Turn it into a nanny state, yes, they want that, but turn it into a third-world nation, no. His veto-proof majority is shrinking rapidly.

Obama IS a maladjusted homosexual and he WILL try extreme measures to achieve his goals. So far he’s gotten away with many violations of our Constitution and his Oath of Office, but only because his party backed him up. When that support is gone he’ll be like a one-legged cripple whose crutch was snatched away, and he will act out of panic. That is the point at which he may declare Martial Law. So now we wait and see.

Back to Syria, the British and French are absolutely not going to do anything to counter Putin’s support of Assad. They will unite against ISIS and may even help beat down the Syrian rebels that Putin and Assad are also fighting. After all, how do you tell the difference between ISIS and rebels when they’re both attacking Assad and wearing the same sort of clothes? French and British strikes against the rebels would be met with howls of anguish from Obama, and could cause our President to use that as an excuse to create a lot of discord with those allies and pull out all of our already diminutive support. This would be very disruptive to NATO too and weaken us with those allies. Another Obama goal realized.

The alternative to his pulling our military out of Syria is the possibility that he may order some “accidental friendly fire” strikes against French, British or even Russian troops. He really might do this, I don’t put it past him, and there will surely be hell to pay if he did.

4 Responses to “HOW IT IS”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    The Democrat Party is starting to rebel against Obama?!!? REALLY?!?

    That’s a very good new.

    But too few, too late.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Maybe not, the possibility to turn things around still exists. However, ISIS is only one problem, we have a bunch of others and just one of several of them could wipe out modern civilization. For instance:

    Overpopulation. We’ve been wiping out Earth’s forests and sea life for thousands of years. We cleared Europe of it’s tree cover over a thousand years ago and killed off large fish populations way back then. That’s why we farm fish now, that don’t have even half of the nutrient value of wild fish.

    Ocean pollution. Our ocean provides most of our oxygen. Killing the ocean will suffocate us. And so on. Reporting on one of the many problems doesn’t mean that once it’s solved we’re all okay again. We’re not.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    The more you open our eyes, the more we need get them opened wider…

  4. Black Sheep says:

    We have a pretty complete historical record now, going back about 12,000 years, of the increase in human population along with the changes in Earth’s plants and animals. We know now that as our numbers have steadily grown, more and more creatures have become extinct, more and more are about to, more and more forests have disappeared, more and more pollution is in our waters.

    Our greatest survival challenge as a species is ourselves. We will either wipe out everything else first, resulting in us dying out last, or something will happen to reverse the increase in our numbers. One of these two things will happen. That’s not a guess, it’s a fact.