Breitbart News, at is my new Number One go-to news site, followed by NewsMax. Fox News is now down there with CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and other treasonous trash.

Fox News, for years my Main Guy when it came to honest and conservative reporting, (the two words are synonymous) has gone Liberal and there’s just no escaping the fact. They’re trashing and twisting the truth, attacking true conservatives, promoting Liberal causes, spokespersons and media, and making total vacillating asses out of themselves in the process because they’re still trying so hard to pretend they’re conservative, when they’re not.

CNN makes no bones about being totally biased. They’re Liberal Democrat-Socialists who openly lie about anything that they think will promote socialism. They hate Conservatives, constantly revile and insult Conservatives, Republicans, the Tea Party and anyone who is not openly a Socialist. Fox News is still trying to sweet-talk Conservatives and the GOP and pretending to be on their side. They need to read the stream of comments being left by the readers of their articles, no one is being fooled, people are disgusted, and the number of comments is rapidly declining. That indicates a declining readership. People are leaving Fox News in droves and going to NewsMax and Breitbart. The Drudge Report is pretty Conservative too, I just find it a bit difficult to navigate.

So if you want honest, REAL “fair and balanced” news, go to Breitbart. At least until that Commie bastard Rupert Murdoch buys it out and wrecks it.

3 Responses to “BREITBART WINS”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    You’re IN about everything, man.

    Sad truth: Rupert Murdoch and all that Saudi rats buied Fox News and take over that once glorious channel.

    I still keep in my archives some DVD recordings of Fox News between 2002-2007. As David Bowie song says: “Golden Years”…

  2. Black Sheep says:

    It’s too bad, too, but as my dear departed grandma used to say, “The only thing constant is change.” It would be nice if more of that change was good and positive instead of bad and negative, though. As the years tick by, the only positive change I see are some of the advances in science, particularly space travel.

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