I was just looking at global poverty rates and how they’re associated with starvation deaths. The vast majority of deaths from starvation are occurring in the African continent and in India, followed by South America.

There’s still enough food in the world to easily feed our current global population of about 7.4 billion people. The problem is poverty. Food in the poorer countries isn’t given away, the farmers would starve if they did that. It has to be purchased in the markets, and those without enough money to properly feed themselves aren’t able to do a good day’s work, meaning that the next day they’ll have even less money. Soon, they have no money, and starve to death. It’s mostly the children who die first, because most parents would rather eat than starve.

Overpopulation always leads to poverty, and then to starvation. There were terrible famines in China, India and the Middle East when I was a boy, the only thing that stopped them even though the populations increased was advanced technology and advanced farming techniques that resulted in cheaper food and more of it. But if there’s more people than there are jobs, and you have no job or money, it doesn’t matter how cheap the food is.

Of all those people migrating to Europe to escape poverty and starvation, some will succeed, but the rest are going to have to steal and murder to feed themselves because there aren’t enough jobs for all of them, and the more they do that, the worse poverty will become for everyone. The only real solution for Europe is to lock the gates and prevent any further entry of migrants.

The wives and children of these jobless migrants, that they left behind, are all going to starve to death. I think the population of the Middle East is going to drop dramatically over the coming year. Millions of men and older boys have already left and more are leaving. The same is true for Africa, plus in Africa, fatal and very contagious diseases keep breaking out due to the filthy conditions so many of them live in. Our global economy is winding down, jobs are getting scarcer everywhere, and there’s going to be a lot more starvation deaths to come.

This is unlikely to halt population growth, just slow it down some, because sex is the favorite form of entertainment for the poor. The poor have more children than the rich. It’s just that less of them are going to reach maturity, but until they die they’ll be consuming what food they can get and helping each other starve to death by doing so.

Sorry about the really negative topic, but this is part of our world today and we can’t look away and pretend it isn’t. In one way I have to applaud the caring and generosity of those nations who keep taking in migrants, but at the same time, they’re taking an asp to their bosom, too many of these people will doom them, and the reality is that those migrants will never stop coming, ever. To save civilization, the flow of migration must be cut off. Don’t bring them in, send aid to them if possible, but let them run their own course and find their own balances.

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