There’s a lot of talk in the media lately about the death of the Republican Party, or possible death, caused by the election of Donald Trump and the resultant ousting of the Old Elite Guard.

I really don’t care what kills the Republican Party, I just know, as most of us do, that it deserves to die and rot in the ground. It’s been run for decades by the mega-rich, whose only goal has been to gain more and more power and wealth at the expense of all the rest of us. This is exactly why George Bush father and son both promised to build a wall to protect our border with Mexico and have not, lying to us instead while spending billions of dollars APPEARING to do it, and making a fortune in kickbacks from the builders who were paid far more than they should have been, just like the famous $800 hammers for NASA, the bail-outs of Wall Street and the banks and on and on ad nauseum.

Both parties have done their best to destroy our Constitution and take away our rights and if they don’t crash and die, then I’m for anarchy. We need a revolution in this country. In fact we need a revolution on the whole planet, we need to wipe all government off the face of the Earth. But right now I’ll settle for one here, that would at least be a start.

And it needs to be said that if the Republican Party dies it won’t be Trump that killed it, it’s already dying member by member through suicide. When scumsucking, corporate pirate, job-destroying assholes like Mitt Romney creep back out from under their slimy rocks, paid, aided and abetted by the Elitists to smear their own leading candidate, they take knives to their own throats and deserve to be buried in political oblivion.

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    +Ernesto Ribeiro

    who do you think runs the Democrat Party? same people. There is no difference in the politicians. it’s the people that are different. people with conservative values are different from people with liberal values we don’t want to control everyone, Democrats do.
    Why don’t you question why so many gay people have become a republican ,because it’s not about sex it’s about Liberty.