There’s a very obvious blackout of Trump news coverage going on with Fox and the other subversive, Leftist media now. There was considerable commotion in Arizona today with fascist protesters blocking roads and highways in an attempt to prevent people from getting to Donald Trump’s rally, and almost no coverage of it whatever. None on Fox news and only a brief mention on CNN. Both of these reported on Cruz and Sanders, however.

CNN may maintain it’s ratings by only reporting on the Democrat candidates, but their ratings aren’t much, anyway. They’d be a lot higher if they gave more time to covering Trumps rallies, of course, and they must know this the same as Fox does. Fox’s ratings have to be dropping dramatically because the comments on their blogs have dropped off considerably. I spend a lot of time both reading what people say on the various media blogs as well as commenting, and the rate of speed of new comments is a sure sign of how many people are online there. Newsmax has been far slower than Fox, with CNN about in the middle, but now they’re all dragging. A week ago, you couldn’t type fast enough to leave a comment on a Fox story before your comment was buried under 10 new ones. Today you can comment all you like, you’re all alone, there’s nobody there.
Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

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