Living off the grid planet is becoming increasingly attractive. There are 5 Lagrange Points out there, between Earth and Sun, and even more if you include the other planets in our system, although it starts getting pretty inhospitable when you move closer in or farther out, for us organic critters. Lagrange Points are positions in an orbital configuration of two large bodies where a small object affected only by gravity can maintain a stable position relative to the two large bodies. In other words, if your orbital speed is right, you stay in the same place permanently.

Lagrange Points have been a tool in science fiction stories for decades, as they’re great places to put self-sustaining satellite cities. We peeps have some satellites at Lagrange Points now. Anyway, given that the Earth looks to be winding down, so to speak, in it’s ability to sustain our burgeoning masses, let alone find room for us all, moving out into space is looking more and more like the thing to do for the mega-rich among us. Just think, no illegal alien problems, no China threatening to invade everyone, no North Korean 300 pound ball of pig fat ordering everyone to eat plant roots. By the time it’s possible to build places like this, billionaires will be doing it, creating their own private islands in space. Of course, one Lagrange Point can accommodate more than one space island, and no doubt one or two of the five will become the most fashionable and there will be squabbles over who has the right to build there, and who isn’t welcome in the neighborhood.

I can see it now, Carlos Slim’s descendants trying to move in next door to some Chinese billionaire and the Mexicans and Chinese both fighting over the Interstellar drug trade or the most coveted position, or installing nuclear missiles, or declaring the entire area to be the property of China or Mexico. Yeah, even in space they’d fight with each other. Can you imagine how the Saudi oil sheiks would act out there? They’d claim all the sun energy as their own, setting up huge solar grids that blocked out the other space islands, and then offering to sell them solar energy.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think that cave living right here on Earth may be the best bet.

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