This post comes from the previous one. I woke up this morning thinking about it.

Trump brags on himself a lot. Way too much, in fact, which has a lot to do with his level of unpopularity. Donald Trump is someone who’s driven not just to succeed, but to have his success recognized. His personality, his image projection, is that of The Successful Man.

Most very successful people don’t make an issue of their accomplishments, their past histories of success, because recognition from others was not their reason for striving to succeed. Most people succeed out of a desire to simply have more than what they have, for the sake of pure greed, or for the sense of security wealth gives them. This is not so with Donald Trump.

I can’t say if it was his father who might have equated approval with success, or something or someone else in Trump’s history taught him that to have approval as a person he had to be successful as a person, but this is where he’s at today. Remember (from the previous post) that our emotional maturity is maxed out at the age of 5, and then listen to Trump’s constant repetitions about all his wonderful achievements, and see if you don’t hear a 5 year old.

Trump says he was a good father, and I believe it. He couldn’t have allowed himself to be a failure as a father. He’s had 3 marriages but even though the first two ended in divorce, he made sure to maintain friendly relations with his ex-wives. Not a total success, but not a total failure either.

So it’s not success in and of itself that Trump desires, but the approval that comes with success. He can’t get the approval he wants most of all without having successes.

Now. What does this mean to the world if he’s President? The more people that approve of him, the more he’s going to like it. Becoming President will be a great success for him, but then he’s going to have to succeed as President. Ever more successes, there can be no end to the successes. This is a man who will not sit still while in office and let the country run itself. He will be a Captain at the helm of state and he’ll steer the course he’s told us that he will, and he’ll bargain and haggle, deal and finagle to achieve his goals. I would expect him to bribe some people, threaten others and ruin the lives of the rest who persist in opposing him, but this is no different than what many of our Presidents have done and certainly no different from what Obama and both Clintons have done. This is what powerful businessmen do, it’s how they become powerful.

The methods aren’t and shouldn’t be a concern, it’s the goals that are a concern, and Trump’s goals are exactly as he’s stated them, to build the wall and control immigration at last, to protect our borders and our sovereignty, to destroy ISIS, to control the Muslims among us, to bring back our manufacturing, to reduce both taxes and government expenditures, to restore our military, to replace the ACA, (Obamacare) with something sensible and affordable, to get rid of Common Core and return education requirements to the states, to reverse the carnage wrought to America by Barack Obama and all the Socialists, Communists and Islamists that have corrupted our government and our nation.

Trump makes himself unpopular with his personality, but it’s not his personality I’ll be voting for, it’s him.

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