Jane Fonda, aka Hanoi Jane, once a beautiful woman back in the late 1960s and now a skinny, non-relevant, unemployed hag of an old actress. is speaking out and telling the world what an idiot she still is after all these years. She just called Trump the “Predator In Chief” because he made that remark many years ago about grabbing willing women by the pussies. Yet not once has she ever said a word about the terrible predations, assaults and rapes by Bill Clinton on women and underage girls, or the way Hillary attacked those women when they spoke up.

Many actors, comedians and newscasters are doing the same, vilifying Donald Trump, there’s a womens march going on in DC protesting Trump, and gangs of young people acting like Nazis who are destroying private property and throwing rocks and bricks at the police, supposedly also protesting Donald Trump.

All this is activities that are mostly organized by Globalists who want to create a sense of anarchy and tie it to President Trump. These actions are being carried out by Hollywood Libtards as well as paid agitators on the Left, and they represent only a small fraction of Americans.

The majority of Americans, regardless of their political convictions, are against this sort of behavior. The vile and very foul language, the disrespect for our flag and our Presidency, and especially the violence and destruction, fill most Americans with disgust.

The more the Left does this, the more they’re isolating themselves from the rest of our society, and the more they make the rest of us want this to end. No one wants this in front of their own house, in their own neighborhood. No one. The people doing this are a very small minority. They think they can create anarchy in America by these actions but what they’re going to create instead is an increase in our prison population.

What they’re succeeding in doing is making themselves extremely unpopular with the rest of us. Out of all those car windows broken, do you think that one person was glad? That approved of having their personal property destroyed? Out of all those building windows smashed, is there one property owner, one renter, one tenant, one business that was happy about it? Just the opposite, with each act of vandalism, more hearts are hardened against them, more people turn against them.

It’s a given that some of the victims are Liberals who defended these “demonstrator” vandals, right up until they became victims themselves, and now are rethinking that position. Suddenly, everything looks different when the people you were speaking up for start attacking you.

What the Globalists hope for is an increase in demonstrations and violence in order to create chaos in America. What they’re going to get for their money instead is to see citizens rally against them and help put an end to their attempts at disorder. They should take the hint from the thousands of bikers who rode to DC for the sole purpose of guarding Trump’s inauguration.

We Americans, who love our country, vastly outnumber these Socialists, Communists and Globalists, and we’ve only just started taking our country back. Those who oppose us had better beware, our tolerance is at an end.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Fox News hires NIGEL FARAGE!

    and gets rid of George Will haha good

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Nicoleta Neagoy :

    Excellent writing… It helps that I agree with you 100%… but the demonstrations have me too upset. I hope you’re right that the majority has had enough of the lies and hypocrisy…

    Those women couldn’t have been more pathetic, and I despise their foul mouths…there were children with them as well.

    I pray for Mr. Trump. He and his family could be living a much different life…and now are taking the insensitive blows of the scums in our society.
    They have not even listened to him. Those who have twist what he says to mean ridiculous, made up scenarios.

    It really is shameful.

    Thank you for your positive input 🙂

  3. Dominick Efrim says:

    The more corruption Trump deals with as far as convictions, the more isolated the corruption will become.

    It might take years but eventually it will be obvious to figure out where the trouble areas are. It’s already easy enough to see the dissenters are. You just have to look at those fighting hardest against Trump. Going through their careers with a fine tooth comb will expose the corruption.

    Trump right now is going to have to weed out the big guns first. Hillary Clinton and Obama will take down quite a few but the bigger they are the harder it will be to take down. Once the big guns start falling, the little guys will start falling. That alone could take years.

    Then you can actively start weeding out the corruption not exposed yet. Hopefully get back to a point where there’s constant oversite and integrity begins to take over.