All our worthless controlled media is full today of stories of marches, supposedly hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people marching in protest of President Trump. I’ve no idea what they’re protesting, I looked at some of the signs they’re carrying, on the news videos, and they make no sense.

There’s Women’s Rights marches mostly, protesting for women’s rights as if Pres. Trump is going to take them all away or something, which he’s not.

What I don’t believe is that there are “hundreds of marches all over the nation involving millions of women” as the media reports. The media doesn’t seem to be very good at estimating numbers, as they said there were about 250,000 people in DC for Trump’s inauguration. In fact there were about 1.5 MILLION. They’re always short on his numbers and long on Libturd numbers. Going by that, there may have been a few hundred thousand altogether in all the marches. I did see one picture of a huge crowd who were said to be women marching. Maybe so, maybe not.

Another thing I don’t believe is that any of these were spontaneous events. Every one of them was organized by people who knew how to get lots of Liberal democrat women all fired up against a man, and you can bet any amount that there wasn’t one single Republican or Conservative among them. The organizers are using lies and fear to get these brainwashed fools to do this because there’s no threat whatever against the rights of anyone, with Trump’s presidency.

I’ll tell you what all these stories are. They’re Click Bait. They’re not even as valid as Man Bites Dog stories. Out of all those people, most have jobs to return to on Monday and families or classes to return to after a day of walking. They’re going to have tired feet and blisters and not many of them are going to do this again next weekend, especially if it rains. When the organizers run out of useful idiots they’ll bring in the paid trashers, to go around smashing windows and setting fires, and the NEW director of the FBI won’t be looking the other way like Obama’s Comey did. Our new Attorney General will be happy to prosecute them and their organizers, too. Watch it happen.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see all those women getting out and getting some exercise, though, because most of them are fatties who could stand to do a whole lot more walking and a lot less eating.