Feminism is the stuff that women believe will make them equal to men. Way back in the Victorian Age, from the 1870’s to around 1920 or so, Feminism was all about acting female and back then that meant behaving the opposite of men. Everything that men did, women refused to do because it “wasn’t feminine”. Men were expected to cater to the whims of women, to be gallant, protective, patient and long-suffering while women took their time and made men wait. Women felt they were making themselves equal to men this way.

Since Feminism required that women not do the things that men did, women didn’t vote, work for a living or use tobacco, since those were “man things”.

But times started changing, women found themselves needing to enter the workforce if they wanted to eat, and when they did, were paid wages much lower than men for similar labor. So the New Feminism was born, with women fighting for equal pay and the right to vote. Then styles began changing as well, with women wearing “slacks”, which were nothing but feminized trousers.

Feminism is still evolving, women are still trying to be equal to men, they want to fight on the front lines in war, they want to marry each other, they want to look like men. If they could take a pill that would make a penis sprout, they’d do it.

Not once does it occur to any of them that there can never be equality, but a lot of that’s because it never occurs to men either. Men are generally larger and more muscular, more mechanically capable and have more endurance. Men tend to be more logical and less inclined to become confused or to panic.
Women are better with their hands than men, can do finer work and can do repetitious work for long periods. Women have more patience and are more nurturing.

Where in that is there equality? It’s like trying to make a horse equal to a tree. There are many areas where men and women can compete on an equal basis, because both are human, but this equality is limited to their similarities. Never their differences.

Feminism exists because women are fighting back against their feelings of inferiority, and because too many men still treat them as inferiors. The problem is real, it’s just the way American women go about dealing with it that’s unreal. The worst offenders here are black, Hispanic and Muslime men, so who do the women scream at? The white men, of course, because they know the white men won’t hit back.

The Feminists of today would have a point if they spoke up for the abused women of color instead of attacking any white man who holds power, and they’d have more of a point if they spoke out against the vile abuses of Islam against all females. This is where Feminism needs to be at today. Women aren’t all that marches on, time and change do also.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Feminists PROTECT male offender who PUNCHED WOMAN on her face in march against Trump



  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    RAW video: Thug punches Rebel reporter


    Feminists PROTECT male offender who PUNCHED WOMAN on her face in march against Trump

  3. Black Sheep says:

    That asshole shouldn’t be hard to find, with that face, the piercings and all. I’m sure he has a few enemies among his friends who would be happy to turn him in. He’s a coward.