There’s two terms for Earth’s weather now, Global Warming and Climate Change, and there’s two reasons given for the changing weather. Global Warming is said to be caused by human activities. Climate Change is said to be caused naturally, by volcano outgassing and other natural events.

Either way, what is apparent is that the Earth is gradually warming and this is causing climatic changes worldwide. Summers are getting hotter, more rain is falling, storms are becoming more severe, and this is undeniably due to an increase of one trace gas in our atmosphere, which is carbon dioxide, CO2, the Number One greenhouse gas. The atmospheric CO2 level is currently only 400 parts per million (ppm) but that’s an increase of 120 ppm since the Industrial Revolution began around 1750 and nearly 100 ppm just since about 1950, and is reported to be possibly the highest level in the last 200 million years.

It also happens that volcanic activity has been steadily increasing, with more and more volcanoes becoming active and spewing ash and gas. Volcanic gas is rich in CO2.

It’s looking pretty obvious that both human and volcanic activity are causing the sudden massive spiking of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere that’s resulting in the Climate Changes from Global Warming. At one time, when dinosaurs roamed the planet, the CO2 level was 7000 ppm and no humans were around burning fossil fuels. All that CO2 came from lots of volcanic activity, which has been steadily on the increase now for at least the 19th century.

And guess what causes more volcanic activity: Global warming. As the Earth heats at the end of Ice Ages, and the glaciers melt and the sea rises, an awful lot of weight is being shifted around on the planet, taking stress off some faults and putting more on others, and volcanoes sit directly over the faults.

Some scientists say that humans generate far more CO2 than volcanoes, others say the opposite. I think the truth is that no one really has all the facts yet on which does how much. The one fact we know for sure is that because of us and volcanoes, the Earth is warming and the warming will continue, probably until all the polar caps and glaciers have melted as much as they’re able to and the ocean has risen anywhere from 6 inches to over 200 feet. No one knows for sure.

So yes, humans are causing Global Warming but not without a lot of help from volcanoes, and even if we stopped releasing more CO2 right now, Global Warming would continue because volcanic activity is continuing to increase anyway.

What we all can do about it is find more ways to stay cool in summer and keep our roofs in good condition against increasing rainstorms. Climate Change is here to stay.

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