Why is that insufferable little faggot, Shep Smith, in such total denial about the reality of voter fraud in America? He went into a really long monologue this morning citing lots of dubious sources that claim there was zero voter fraud, no chance, etc., when it’s simply a fact that there is voter fraud. He says what Fox News wants him to say, so I have to wonder why Fox is so keen on denying this. What’s their stake in denying voter fraud? Did they help promote it? Are they guilty of criminal acts?

Pres. Trump ordered an investigation into voter fraud and certain people are now in panic mode.

With Fox it may not just be that. They’re trying to make him look like he’s going back on his word on the Border Wall. Smith is claiming that Pres. Trump backtracked and now says that our taxes will pay for it instead of Mexico. What Smith DOES NOT SAY is that Trump has always stated that the wall would be paid for with various means, like tariffs and taxes, that Mexico will have to pay to do business with us. Of course it will be our money that puts the wall up, because we don’t want to wait any longer and $billions are already authorized from ten years ago. Mexico will pay us back whether they want to or not.

But Fox is on the attack.

So my next question is how long before Pres. Trump slaps them down? I’m sure there’s ways.

Question… We send troops into many countries to fight terrorism, drug cultivation and for other purposes. We’ve long ago declared war on terrorism and have been fighting terrorists in foreign countries for years. What is to stop us from sending troops into Mexico to wipe out the drug cartels? We’ve been giving money and weapons to the Mexicans for a decade to eradicate the cartels and all they’ve succeeded in doing is trading one set of drug lords for another. Considering how corrupt they are, no doubt most of those weapons we gave them to fight the cartels with were sold to the cartels.
The Border Wall will help a lot, but it’s not going to entirely stop the inflow of Mexican drugs. They’ll dig under, go around, fly over. They’ll find ways. In the end, we’ll need to take our war on drugs to them.

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