President Trump just cancelled the scheduled visit next week of Mexican pres. Nieto – or else Nieto did, depending on which news source you read, because Trump has taken a variety of actions to block illegal aliens coming across our Southern border. These actions are also designed to stop the inflow of drugs from the Mexican cartels, and Nieto is a paid stooge of the drug cartels and an enemy of the United States. Trump knows this full well and is going to act accordingly. Watch for a dramatic change in all aspects of our relationship with Mexico, and don’t be surprised if the State Dept. warns Americans in Mexico to return to the USA or stay at their own risk. The cartels are bound to start attacking our citizens there when their exports of drugs get cut off, and there will be a sharp increase in kidnappings, ransomings and murders of Americans and the Mexican excuse for what they call a government will do nothing to help them.

More likely when than if these attacks on Americans start happening, I think we can expect to see some major Shock And Awe employed against the cartel bases and bosses, with their homes destroyed by our aircraft and their families killed along with them. Taking this one logical step farther, I then expect to see Mexico become embroiled in a revolution or civil war because of a plan I assume to be in place to end Mexico’s state of abysmal corruption

Meanwhile Nieto has ordered the 50 Mexican consulates to do all they can to protect the illegal aliens already here. I can easily see President Trump ordering every one of the Mexicans employed in them to close their embassies and leave the USA if they push too far. Things are going to escalate with Mexico for certain because the Mexican president is owned by the cartels and the cartels have only one goal, smuggle drugs in to the USA and smuggle our money back to them. Their stooge Nieto can’t negotiate for Mexico because he has no power to do so. He’s merely a spokesman for the cartels and let’s face it, Trump will never come to any agreement with the cartels. They have to go, they have no other future.

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