Watching the two marches, the Pro Abortion people and the Anti-Abortion people, I was struck by the large numbers of young, child-bearing age women in the Pro Abortion march and the mostly men, post-menopausal old women and lesbians in the Anti-Abortion march. Women who might want abortions are for it, men who want to dominate women are against it, is how it looks.

Personally, the only reason I’m for abortion is that it helps to slow down population growth. Otherwise no, I think it’s gross and a bad thing for women to do to themselves.

Not one single person in all the media or on all the blogs that I’ve been reading has offered a single solution to ending abortions other than making them illegal, and this doesn’t work. Abortions used to be illegal in the USA and women who wanted them had to go to “back-door clinics” to have one done, and often died at the hands of some inept abortionist under unsanitary conditions. Making abortion illegal again isn’t an answer. It will just result in more deaths.

So I have a solution to this. Our modern medical science produced The Pill way back in 1950, though it wasn’t approved for common use until 1960, but once it was it swept the nation and every girl who could, got on The Pill. Then the Morning After Pill was invented and marketed in 1999 that aborts a pregnancy immediately before that little zygote can grow.

The problem is being approached from the wrong direction. Even when women are on The Pill they still sometimes get pregnant because the man is still producing sperm. If the sperm could be eliminated, abortions would be eliminated.

I have full faith that medical science is capable of creating a pill that permanently prevents men from making sperm, and another pill that would re-start sperm production. The first pill would be a huge improvement over the pain and expense of a vasectomy with the added advantage that it’s easily reversible with a second pill.

The pill reversing the first one would only be issued with the agreement of the man’s wife or partner. She would have to sign off on it before he could re-start his sperm again.

Totally eliminating abortions, 100%, will never happen, but this would reduce them to as close to zero as we’re ever going to get and this would have the same or greater effect on slowing our population growth as all the abortions do now. We should stop spending Federal money on abortions and family planning and start funding scientists to create these pills for men.

The only other recourse is to continue as we are with legal abortion clinics, and stop all the howling over the issue. Making abortion illegal again won’t solve anything.

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