Jeff Sessions is Pres. Trumps selection for Attorney General of the United States, but is being “slow walked” through the Senate confirmation process, no doubt to impede President Trump’s progress.
In the meantime, the A.G. that Obama had appointed has already quit the post in anticipation of being replaced by Sen. Sessions, and the Assistant A.G, Sally Yates, stepped into the job as acting, or temporary, Attorney General. She is also an Obama appointee.

So this morning I heard that she refused to defend from legal attacks, Pres. Trumps Executive Order that increased the vetting for those returning from 7 specified Islamic nations and halts immigration from those nations for 90 days.

This evening I hear that he fired her.

To me, this is proof that instead of hiring well-qualified people to help run our government, Obama hired people who share his anti-American views and would follow his anti-American agenda. This woman might have been able to keep a high paying and important job if she had given her allegiance to her new employer. Instead, she thought that she had the same power as if she actually was the real Attorney General, and that she could do as she pleased. I don’t think she was hired for her intelligence and ability, because it looks like she’s lacking both.

This stupid woman is now unemployed, and very suddenly so, by her own foolishness. It should have been plain to all government employees from day one of the Trump presidency that the Obama days are over and the Obama agenda is history, and that if they want to stay employed they have to follow the orders and the direction of their new employer.

Sally Yates is no doubt only the first of many Obama’s hired help to be fired, because he chose stupid followers over intelligent and capable workers. President Trump promised to shrink the size of our government, and considering the caliber of many of them, that should be no problem at all.


  1. Black Sheep says:

    Did you see that women’s march in those stupid eared caps? At least they didn’t set fires and break windows.

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Well, I avoided see that HORROR.

    The only piece of that FREAK SHOW I had watched was the insert on the comic vĂ­deo “Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd”.

    CRAZY! Apalling.

  3. CJ says:

    Sally Yates is no sycophant, nor is she stupid. She feels as many do, that Trumps travel ban is not constitutional. So, she must not hate America. A much better example of sycophantic stupidity, are the Trump supporters who believe everything the man says. This includes ‘alternate facts’, started by Trumps advisor, his many contradictions and his obsession with inflating the inauguration crowd numbers.

    Edited by Black Sheep, your humble owner of this blog. Yes, Libturd, she is both and more, as are you, Cheryl. You think like that idiot, so you must be about as stupid. Or more so. Yates was bound by the strictures of her employment to do as she was told to do, BY OUR PRESIDENT. It was not her place to be a judge. She was a hired attorney. Her job was to prosecute and leave the judging and constitutionality to judges, but you can’t figure that simple fact out because your arrogance blinds you. Your opinion is the only one that matters to you, you can’t accept reality. None of you jackass Liberals cares a damn about our country or our Constitution. You moron Liberals think that jamming your Socialism down America’s throat is good for our country and don’t have the sense of a brick to see how it’s destroying us. You don’t look ahead, you don’t care what harm you do, in fact you look the other way so you can’t see it.

    Take a good look at Venezuela. That’s the result of socialism and that’s what you assholes want for us? Liberalism is truly a mental illness.