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Friday, February 3rd, 2017

The latest news in the Left’s battle against our President is that a Washington State activist Libturd Federal judge has blocked Trumps executive order halting immigration from 7 countries that sponsor terrorism. This isn’t going to be permanent, Pres. Trump can get a stay of that judge’s order but it will take time. How long I don’t know, days to weeks, or longer.

There are probably other actions he can take to get around these activist judges but that’s not the point. Clearly, the Left is going to throw everything it can at him along with the Communistic ACLU, and it’s going to take a patient person to not get angry and act out of anger.

There’s an old and famous cartoon of two really skinny vultures sitting in a dead, leafless tree in the desert, with an old cow skull and some bones laying around on the ground, and one says to the other, “Patience, my ass, I’m going to kill something”. Sometimes you have to take action. The vulture couldn’t wait any longer for something to die so he could eat it.

I have no doubt that this is part of the Left’s strategy, that they intend to keep pressing the attack on Pres. Trump, hoping that he’ll do something extreme that they can use to perhaps impeach him with or at least turn as many people as possible against him. Personally, I’m totally disgusted with their activities and like the vulture, I’d rather kill them all and be done with it, I feel that strongly about it.

However, Pres. Trump has surrounded himself with the best minds in America and is getting the best advice. It’s good to remember, too, that this is a big nation with over 300 million people and the number of people attacking his presidency are relatively very few. Most of the demonstrators, the ones going around smashing windows and looting businesses like those apes did in Ferguson, Missouri, are hired thugs and not real protestors at all and this isn’t some widespread phenomena, but just a few isolated events.

The attacks of the Left are bound to fail. If his own Republican Party were all against him as well, his presidency wouldn’t stand much of a chance, but only two of them, McCain and Graham, have joined the Liberal Left. It’s going to be a fight, though, before the Democrat effort finally dies and the vultures are picking at the corpse, and it can’t come soon enough for me.