That’s a song by Percy Sledge. When a man loves a woman, she can do no wrong… I put it up here if you want to hear it.

I went by the bank today to make a deposit and there was this old guy in line in front of me with long white hair in a ponytail, and my first thought was that since even the very end of his long hair was white, he must be well along in years. Then I noticed his odd physique, his butt was kind of squashed out like an old woman’s, not like an old man’s would be. Odd. I couldn’t see his face.

He looked fairly husky and was wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans, and when it was his turn for the next teller, the teller recognized him and they spoke a greeting to each other. That was when I heard “his” female voice and realized that really was the butt of an old woman. Just a woman who wanted to be a man.

What a strange world where women want to be men and men want to be women. I mean, Jesus Christ, no one’s ever SATISFIED, it seems like.

I have never demonstrated, picketed, marched in any sort of parade or otherwise made a public display of my personal opinions. Blogging is as close as I get to such expressions, and I do this as much for my own entertainment as anything else.

Yesterday I had a good laugh. Breitbart’s top story was about the Patriots winning the Super Bowl and I’m one of those guys who doesn’t give a crap about football and most other spectator sports. So reading all the comments people were leaving, I added my own that I never understood the interest in games where you control the ball until I saw a bunch of monkeys fighting over a piece of food.

Oh man, did that ever piss some of those football zealots off. what fun. They came at me breathing flames, it was hilarious. But you know, the analogy totally fits, which is exactly why they got mad. Nothing pisses us off more than some truth that we really, really don’t want to hear.

Acceptance of reality is everything. Look at all the hostility toward our new President. Some people just can’t accept it. Homosexuals used to be heavily persecuted here at one time and now they’re doing a lot of the persecuting. Negroes were discriminated against and now they discriminate against others. People just can’t seem to find a balance.

I don’t think we ever will. Any time a community grows so large that parts split off to form new communities, they fight each other. No matter how much wealth and power a person has, they always want more. Being satisfied with life is a short-term experience that fades quickly for most of us.

I wonder how that song would do today if the words were changed to “When a man-woman loves a woman-man…”

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