President Trump is working on some sort of peace deal between the Palestinian scum and Israel that involves Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and I have an idea what that might be.

He’d promised to move our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, but has since backed off and issued a mild statement that the new settlements that Israel’s building are “not helpful” right now. The settlement statement does nothing to stop or slow the building of them but it makes the Arabs happy in the meantime.

The leaders of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have all expressed dismay at the idea of our embassy being moved to Jerusalem, and threatened “increased violence and attacks” against Israel if it happens. While no one has reported this, I’ve no doubt that they also have threatened increased terror attacks in the US as well, and other forms of retaliation. This isn’t likely to sway Pres. Trump, but he very likely wants to keep them all calm so he can work out his deal.

The deal, I believe, is going to involve Jordan and Egypt each giving up some territory to create a small Palestinian state or else absorb the “Palestinians” into their own nations. All three of these nations are under threat by Iran and they know that as Iran grows in power, they’re going to be under attack too, and not just Israel. They know that Iran wants to take over and dominate the entire Middle East.

President Trump is a realist and this fact is extremely visible in the people he’s surrounded himself with. Every one is a realist, a dealer in harsh realities, every one is a logical thinker who doesn’t get sidetracked into wishful thinking and hopeful fantasies, and they understand the realities of the Middle East perfectly well. So they know that the purpose of these “Palestinians” is solely to harass Israel, and nothing else. To get their sponsors, the Saudis, Egypt and Jordan, who supply money, arms and materials to them, to end their sponsorship, Pres. Trump is going to have to do something permanent about Iran. In other words, to make those three Islamic nations into allies of Israel instead of enemies, by allying all of them against Iran.

Barack Obama is a Shiite sympathizer if not an actual Shiite Muslim. He was raised as one, anyway. This is why he was so helpful and supportive of Shiite Iran, doing his best to enable them all he could against not just Israel but also Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni. Now things have changed and our new President is at least modestly a Christian who doesn’t side with either Islamic sect, he just wants to bring stability to the region. In fact this must be part of his plan to defeat ISIS.

Iran, by the way, is also an enemy of ISIS and here’s the best part, ISIS comes from Saudi Arabia’s Wahabbist Sunni Islam, and many Saudis support and have joined ISIS even while ISIS has attacked and destroyed some Saudi mosques. See, the ISIS movement is the Taliban on steroids, it’s the evolution of Saudi bin Laden’s Taliban into al Qaeda into ISIS, and ISIS wants to kick out the Saudi Royal Family and take over the kingdom. See how messy all this is and why Pres. Trump put the embassy move on hold?

Pres. Trump wants to defeat not just ISIS, but all the Islamic terrorism. This means getting all these nations to stop supporting it, not just Iran, and the only way to achieve this is by creating new alliances by force. By force I mean that the only way these people will bend is to make them bend, you have to offer some big advantage with one hand and destruction with the other, in other words, make them offers they can’t refuse.

It’s going to be fun to watch this one play out.

3 Responses to “A NEW DEAL?”

  1. x says:

    Messy does not being to describe it. It is horribly complex.

    I had always assumed that Iran supporting Assad against ISIS was a simple Shia versus Sunni thing until I dug a (a little) bit more. The Iranian and Syrian versions of Sunni Islam seem to have as much in common as orthodox Sunnis and the Ahmadiyya, Iran just sees them as better than the SA/Wahhabi alternative.

    Something many in the West would probably agree with but then do we side with Iran? Another threat in itself. Both Shia (Hezbollah) and Sunni (Hamas) groups are enemies of the state of Israel. One or two states like Egypt and Jordan seem a bit more pragmatic but that’s only until the real loonies take over again.

    If anyone can make sense of these people or make any progress towards peace he has to be genius. H bombs would be my suggestion. Get rid of the lot and start again.

  2. x says:

    Look like another “moderate” Islamic state will join the loony division soon.


  3. Black Sheep says:

    Well, that’s an interesting little article. Time to build some walls, huh?

    As to peace in the Middle East, the best way to achieve it in my view is to use every possible means to return them all to abject poverty. The war in Syria is helping, but a full scale outbreak of violent and prolonged hostilities between as many Islamic states as possible is what’s really needed. Wipe out the oil fields, reduce all the cities to rubble, kill off most of the population but leave enough that they’ll be fully occupied in fighting each other for scraps of food and top position on the camel manure piles. Figuratively speaking. Keep them too busy for the next few millennia to worry about spreading Islam to the West.