Tenure in the teaching profession is having a permanent job as a teacher or professor after working at the place of employment, a school, college or university, for 6 years. A person with tenure can’t be fired unless under very exceptional conditions, such as being convicted of murder, or having sex with under-aged students. This is why we have so many teachers and professors who preach their radical political beliefs to their classes and don’t get fired. They have tenure.

Tenure is archaic and destructive. I don’t know of any other job in America that gives guaranteed lifetime employment to a worker short of the Catholic priesthood. Just the educators, and if any group should be subject to oversight and dismissal for cause, it’s them. There’s so many tenured radicals in our schools and colleges now that rather than receive good educations, our children are mostly just getting brainwashed.

The fact is that while the USA spends more on public education than any other nation, our students rank about 20th in educational level compared to other industrialized nations. Since we spend more than the others, it seems reasonable that we should do better than the others, but there’s two factors that hold us back.

The first one is TENURE. Once a teacher has tenure the teacher no longer has to keep performing at a high level to keep his or her job, and can slack off. Way off, and many do. They stop worrying about how well they’re teaching and start pushing their own opinions and ideas as being facts. The quality of instruction goes down rapidly once tenure is achieved.

The other factor is the intelligence of the students and their will to succeed in life. Our social structure is nearly destroyed, far fewer people get married and far fewer that do, stay married. Drug usage is rampant, and the I.Q.s of Americans is steadily decreasing. This latter problem has a variety of causes and deserves it’s own post, it would make this one too long. However, it is true. The kids are getting dumber and dealing with that is a whole another issue. Right now, tenure is the primary problem in our educational system and it needs to be abolished so we can clean out the kooks, radicals and incompetents.

2 Responses to “ABOLISH TENURE”

  1. x says:

    We don’t have that exactly but it is very difficult to fire teachers in the UK too. My late missus was a teacher and told me tales of others going off sick for prolonged periods, returning for a few to set the option for dismissal back to zero, then going sick again. They did it for years.

    Really the whole public sector is a problem, plus those damn unions!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    The unions are another example of archaic institutions that have outlived their usefulness. I totally agree.