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Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Eventually, China’s actions are bound to lead to war, they keep pushing out further and further into foreign territory and building heavily armed fortresses as they go, and their neighbors keep building up more and more weapons to stop them. I can tell you what will probably push them over the edge into war… As Trump keeps improving our economy and bringing back our manufacturing from China, and forcing China to trade more fairly, their economy is going to start sagging. It takes money to do all that they’re doing and as the money supply drops but their ambitions continue unabated, they’ll first reduce the wages they pay all the workers, sailors and soldiers who are building and manning their weapons industry and military and they may need to enslave workers to keep going. Slavery has always been a part of China.

The military resistance to China’s continued expansion will reach a state of impasse where the encroached-upon nations, Vietnam at the forefront, make it clear that one more small step forward by China will mean war between them.

At this point I think the leaders of China will decide to go for broke. It’s either wage war or give up on more than 65 years of planning to become the dominant world power and watch China sink back into decades, maybe centuries of being a second-class nation. In other words, when their economy shrinks down to a certain point, I think they’ll opt for war. I’m not familiar with the global economy so I don’t know what point that is, but I bet someone does.

It’s almost funny. When they had their Cultural Revolution, they wiped out every last trace of Imperial China and even made their very last Emperor become a common gardener. Now they want to become Emperors of Imperial China all over again, they just call it by a different name.


Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Franklin D. Roosevelt was our President back when our entry into World War 2 began with the Jap attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and the First Lady’s name was Eleanor. FDR had made a statement back in 1936 about the horrors of war, ending with “I hate war and Eleanor hates war”, and right away some comedian added “And I hate Eleanor” to that, which everyone in the country got a big laugh out of. In fact it was making a joke out of it that caused his statement to become famous, and it was sure remembered when we did get into the war in 1941.

So I wonder what jokes are going to spring up about China, as that nation prepares to go to war with the rest of the world. They are, you know.

China appears to have completed construction on its artificial islands of more than twenty buildings designed to hold long-range surface-to-air missiles and “announced that it will revise its 1984 Maritime Safety Law, with the purpose of barring selected foreign ships from passing through the South China Sea, which China claims. It’s believed that the changes are intended to target the United States. Foreign ships that enter without approval will be fined 300,000-500,000 yuan ($43,706-72,844) and those violating Chinese laws will be expelled, presumably by means of military force.”

China’s actions militarily threaten Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia as well as blocking their fishing access and their trade routes. So these nations are responding with military buildups. Vietnam has just purchased a fleet of conventional submarines from Russian capable of laying mines and firing both missiles and torpedoes, and are acquiring surface to air missiles from India. India, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, and Russia have formed an alliance to prevent China from blocking this trade route through which $5 Trillion in goods passes each year.

As Breitbart reports, “The populations of China and all of these countries today are in a highly emotional, nationalistic state, and this military buildup on all sides cannot end up in any way but a major war.”

This is exactly right. Annexing the territory of defenseless neighbors is what the Nazi’s did prior to the outbreak of the last great war, and it’s no laughing matter. There will come an open conflict, an attack either by the Chinese or on them by someone they threaten, it’s inevitable, because China threatens the existence of it’s neighbors and when pushed to the wall, at least one will fight back. That includes India, which may prove far more formidable than the Chinese might think.