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Saturday, February 25th, 2017

The old Bozo, Donna Brazile, who was Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, has passed the gavel to Tom Perez, a true-blue America-hating Leftist, Globalist and Socialist, and close personally and politically to Obama..
Donna Brazile is the scum sucking piece of shit who passed on the debate questions to Hillary Clinton in violation of the law as well as the rules of the debates, and was never prosecuted because Bastard Obama was still president. This is the quality of people we have in the Democrat Party, which the DNC reigns over. So don’t expect anything better from Tom Perez, their new Bozo the Clown.

The voting for Chairman was closely split between Perez and Keith Ellison, the half-black or maybe kind of black but mostly white Black Muslim TOTAL ASSHOLE. Of the 435 votes cast, Perez got 235, Ellison the Black Muslim got 200 VOTES!!! If that doesn’t tell you how far left the Democrat Party is now, nothing ever will. After being elected, Perez promptly made Congressman Keith Ellison his Deputy Chairman. Ellison, besides being a Black Muslim and extreme racist, is violently anti-Semitic. He’s a close friend of Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, who has ties to terrorism.

Perez’s parents emigrated here from Dominican Republic, a little third-world island nation where the crime rate is high and the infrastructure is on a par with the Mexican countryside. It’s a lot like Mexico, in other words, where the people seem to be born already corrupt.

These Bozos are the new clowns leading the Democrat Party, and I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, the Democrat Party leaders are plainly going to stay well outside the mainstream of what most Americans want and continue to try to destroy us as a great nation. They insist that America must become part of their Globalist scheme when most of us want nothing more to do with it, and that’s going to keep dragging them down as a political force. They’ve never had so few elected state governors, mayors and members of Congress as they do now and next election they’ll probably have even less, because of this. So for that I’m glad.

BUT, at the same time, by moving so very much further to the Left than they even were before, they present a real danger to the rest of us and to our country. They’ve become so rabid and hateful and are planning so much disruption that they put us in danger of another Civil War. It’s hard to be glad about that.

I wish that they’d elected someone honest, someone without a Globalist mindset, who wanted to work with President Trump to rebuild our nation. Instead they elected people who are dead-set on continuing Obama’s agenda of destruction. I think we have a rough road ahead.