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Friday, March 10th, 2017

This is a very small community of little scattered mini-towns here in the mountains. Total population of this roughly 400 square miles is about 12,500 people. Each area has at least one health clinic with a doctor or 3, and the entire area is serviced by one hospital.

This hospital is huge, with about 100 patient beds and all sorts of buildings and building extensions and lots and lots of fancy equipment that was bought with money provided for free by the hospital’s thrift store, which is located in a separate town from the hospital. The hospital provides far more services than this little population can use, but which the doctors can charge big money for, anytime someone does have a real or falsely prescribed “need” for some of that fancy free equipment.

The thing is, it’s also in an earthquake zone and now the state is demanding that parts of it be demolished and rebuilt to withstand earthquakes, and the hospital wants all of us land and home owners to pay for it, every year for the next 40 years. Certainly those doctors don’t want to part with any of their own paychecks to pay for their hospital. The hospital was built originally with public money and therefor is publicly owned, but the administrators have been lining their own pockets ever since instead of setting aside funds for the earthquake refitting they damn well knew was going to have to happen.

But no, they wanted the fancy toys that made more money for them instead, and just figured that when the state forced them to refit or quit, they’d panic us residents into paying for it. After all, it is the only hospital around. The next nearest ones are in Bakersfield an hour’s drive away.

Our community is slowly dying. Most of the homes here are mobile homes built 40 to 50 years ago, and not in the best of shape. Meth addiction is very high here and two outlying communities are almost “no-go” areas because almost all the residents are either meth or heroin addicts. Needless to say, their incomes are way below poverty level. There’s no industry, the majority of residents are retired on low, fixed incomes, and that’s the money that supports the businesses. In summer, tourism increases because of lake fishing and river rafting, but it’s not much. So there’s no new construction. No new homes, no new people.

I’ve communicated with a spokesperson for this hospital, and the responses clearly indicate a total lack of concern for the poverty of most residents. They have an island of wealth in our midst, they get people to volunteer to work in the hospital doing various odd nursing and cleaning jobs as well as manning the front desk and gift shop while charging lots of money for the services of the doctors and nurses. What a gold mine for them.

So when they tell us that they want us to pay for the rebuilding work that they should have been putting money aside for all these years, I tell them that they’re arrogant and inconsiderate and that they’ve mismanaged our money for their own benefit without regard for us. Doctors today are conceited asses. I stopped liking them when they stopped making house calls. Boy, that was sure a better time.


Friday, March 10th, 2017

Obamacare, aka the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which is anything BUT affordable for anyone except poor black people, who get it free on the backs of American taxpayers, is a form of Socialist totalitarianism. Speaker of the House Paul RINO Ryan is pushing a so-called “new plan” that does little to replace the old plan. The worst parts of the ACA are still there. What’s needed is a full repeal of the ACA.

President Trump has said that he’ll sign the bill if it passes the House and Senate, and I think he’s counting on it not even getting out of the House at all. If he is, he’s probably right as usual, because a lot of GOP senators are unlikely to vote for it, and if by some fluke it does pass on to the Senate, it’s going to be torn apart and reassembled into something a lot closer to what Trump said he wanted in the first place.

All this noise is nothing more than the usual bullshit by the Socialists, Globalists and RINOs like Paul Ryan to continue to depress our economy and repress the American people, and I have confidence in President Trump that he’ll find ways to get us to where he said he would in spite of those attempting to stymie him. The reality with American health care is that all the problems with it are based on just a few things that need to be corrected.

The first is to remove the entitlement that’s been given to the poor and the illegals to go to any hospital emergency room for services and not have to pay for them. Hospitals need to have their right to turn away those who can’t pay reinstated. It should not be the responsibility of hospitals, which are businesses, to provide free health care to those with no money, or the responsibility of those of us who pay taxes, to pay back the hospitals. It’s our job to buy health insurance if we want it, or pay for health costs out of our pockets if we don’t.

Along with this, the massive tax imposed on those who opt out of buying health insurance must be rescinded.

The other thing is to remove the restrictions on interstate health care insurance sales. It’s exactly this that’s destroyed competition in this market and driven insurance prices way up, and it’s not hard to guess whose money it was that forced this into law, when the only people it benefits are the owners of the insurance companies. Do this and the cost of health insurance suddenly will become much less, much more affordable, and a lot more people will have it.

NOW, on to HINDUS. CNN strikes again, making yet another religion look horrible. The only one they keep telling us is peaceful is the worst one of all, Islam. This time, they attacked Hinduism.
There’s this tiny, tiny little sect of Hinduism called the Aghoris, of less than 100 people altogether, who practice cannibalism, and CNN has a roving reporter, an Iranian guy named Riva Aslan, who did a news segment on these few, outcast, reviled Hindus, actually getting his face covered in cremated corpse ashes and eating cooked human brains.

Naturally, the Hindu community is highly upset with CNN over this, as it portrays Hindus in an extremely negative light.
There’s a variety of religions in India, the majority being Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam, and of the 3, Hinduism and Sikhism are the most peaceful. Islam is the only truly violent one, though the Sikhs can come close. They’re famous for being warriors. It also happens that Hindus and Sikhs hate the Muslims for what they are and what they do. People who hate Muslims are my kind of people.

There’s a lot of very good Hindu doctors and other professionals in the USA. Hindu’s tend to look like the rest of us, while the Sikh men wear turbans and let their beards grow, but both are respectful of their women and children, and others. Muslims are not. Hindus and Sikhs make good citizens. Muslims do not. Which, of course, is exactly why CNN wants to make Hindus look bad.