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Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Iran and Syria are closing a deal for Iran to set up a naval base on the Mediterranean Sea coast of Syria. Israel has conferred with Russia, telling them this is “unacceptable to the State of Israel” because of the huge threat increase it would create from Iran against Israel. We can take that to mean that Israel would attack it if it gets built. Russia seemed “receptive” to Israel’s concerns. What does that mean? Not much.

Turkey is all pissed of at the Dutch for refusing to allow their diplomats the ability to rally Turks in the Nederlands politically, in favor of Erdogan, and turned away an airplane carrying one of them in for that purpose. Now Erdogan is refusing to allow any airplanes from the Nederlands to land in Turkey.

Erdogan is also threatening to open up the barricades that currently are preventing millions of Syrian refugees from flooding into Europe because the EU is refusing to allow that increasingly dictatorial Islamist nation membership in the EU.

Syria’s Assad calls the U.S. forces there “invaders”. He’s right, they are. So are all the other non-Syrian forces there. Our part there is stupid, we should either nuke the place or get the hell out, this is going to go on forever as long as Iran keeps sending more people in there to fight for Assad and against us. We’re supposedly fighting ISIS, but are we? Who knows?

The Israeli parliament last Wednesday approved new laws that prevent the mosques in Israel from using loudspeakers to blare out the call to prayer 5 times a day every single day of the week. The Muslimes are furious over this, and I look forward to their retaliation. They’ll do it anyway, and Israel troops will swarm in and rip out their loudspeaker systems. So then the idiots will use bullhorns and their minarets will be knocked down with bulldozers. It’s going to be great fun to watch, I wish I could be there. With any luck there’ll be YouTube vids of it.

Last tidbit, the Arab-run UN is having a tantrum over the way Hungary controls its borders and prevents Muslimes from swarming in, calling them a bunch of Nazis for protecting their sovereignty. Gee, not very diplomatic, huh? Could the Hungarians be doing this because Sweden let them come in and are now the new Rape Capitol of Europe? Hmm? Or because Germany did too and are now the Other Rape Capitol? Maybe? It’s the Saudis who are screaming the loudest, in case you’re still wondering who the REAL promoters of International Terrorism are.