A shell game is a betting game where someone sets up a chair and a card table, maybe on a busy sidewalk somewhere, and has 3 walnut shell halves and a dried pea. The idea is to guess which shell the pea is under after the game operator stops rapidly changing positions of the shells, and a good operator moves them so quickly that the bettors are easily confused. He adds to this confusion by keeping up a rapid non-sensical monologue.

I’ve been watching the Operator of another Shell Game, and while I’m pretty sure I still have my eye on the right shell, everyone reporting in the news seems to have totally lost track of it.

The shell I’m talking about is the one that the phony Sarin gas attack and our missile response is under. The last word on that was when Syrian President Bashar Assad was insisting that the attack was faked and no one was hurt or killed at all. He would know, and suddenly everyone looked away because that wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

That’s the shell the pea is under, but no one’s looking at that anymore, all their attention has been diverted to the North Korea shell. They were watching the Russia Collaboration/Trump Tower Wiretapping shell for awhile but now everyone is sure that the pea is under the N. Korea one.

Meanwhile, the Operator, Pres. Trump, is ready to collect the bets from all those suckers as he’s about to stop shifting the shells around and let them choose the wrong one, secure in the knowledge that now everyone believes the Sarin gas attack and missile response story is true, his trick won’t be exposed, and he can move on to the next Shell Game play.

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