I do not understand, with all the countries that now have nuclear weapons and all the others who are developing them, why no one has used one yet. I mean, not even a dirty bomb, one that just spreads lethal radioactive dust instead of causing a nuclear blast.

Pakistan has had The Bomb for a couple decades now, I think, and has sold the technology to other Arab nations. Very possibly they sold a few actual nukes as well, and let’s face it, the Pakis are crazy. So are the people they sold the technology to. Iran and North Korea are run by truly insane tyrants, N.Korea has nukes now and the Iranians either already have them or soon will in spite of that moronic treaty that we all know they aren’t abiding by.

Let’s see, there’s also the USA, Russia, China, India, France, England, South Africa, Syria, Israel and very likely Japan. At least 12, and possibly 13 nations have atomic bombs, and as time passes, the number continues to grow.

If nukes were the only Mega Killers, the situation would be bad enough, but they aren’t. There’s a wide variety of extremely deadly diseases that could be released on populations that would be far worse for humanity than a nuclear war, the only thing preventing that type of holocaust is that the home population, or some of them, would have to be inoculated against it. But other methods are available that aren’t as globally threatening, like poison gas. Nerve gasses have been around a long time that are so potent they can kill everything that breathes within truly huge areas. It wouldn’t take much to wipe out the entire state of New York, for example.

Science marches on, we now have EMP bombs, and just a few, strategically placed, could disable every electrical device in the entire United States, or Russia, or China, or India. No cars would run, no power plants, no phones or Internet. Everything would stop and the countries so affected would collapse as millions died of starvation. It would be total anarchy.

So with all these capabilities to harm each other, and all the truly mad despots who have the means to use them, why is it that years keep going by and no one does? This is the greatest mystery going and I don’t understand it.

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