Bloviating Bill O’reilly, formerly of Fox News, fired because all the claims of lots of women that he sexually harassed them resulted in most of his advertising sponsors cancelling out, is now Podcasting. He has a website up named after him, and want people to pay $50 a year to listen to him drone on, giving his take on various news events.

For about another 6 days or so you can listen to him for free, so since the price is right, free, I checked it out yesterday. Oh man, totally boring. He goes “umm” and “uhh” a lot, he hesitates a lot, drags out sentences a lot. You can easily tell that he’s not even bothering to read something that he spent time on preparing, he’s just talking off the top of his head, giving his opinions on things. Considering how often he’s wrong, which is a lot, and considering that he often sides with people who aren’t looking out for our best interests, and considering how really boring it is to listen to him all, he at least should do this for free.

Of course, considering that he was “only” given $25 Million as a parting gift from Fox News, and is 67 years old and already rich anyway, oh sure, he really needs people to pay him $50 each to listen to him spin his dubious opinions.
Anybody stupid enough to even listen to these boring audio presentations should be sent to the Soylent Green factory, let alone those who will actually pay the $50. But as P.T. Barnum famously said, there’s a sucker born every minute.

In his first podcast, Bill flatly stated that Macron is going to win the French presidency over Le Pen. Now, how could he know this? He doesn’t. He also said repeatedly that Hillary Clinton was going to win. O’reilly sides with the Left. He always does. He pretends to be a Conservative but he’s not, he’s a Centrist, and if the only choices are Left and Right and no Centrists, he always chooses the Left.

He may end up being right about the French election, none of us will know anyway until it happens, and I, for one, am glad for the French people that O’reilly is off the air and is no longer able to influence the outcome with his unfounded opinions.

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