All governments like to keep track of their citizens, for several reasons. The first and primary two reasons are to be able to collect taxes and conscript men for war, but there’s other reasons, perhaps less compelling but still important to those who govern.

So to do this, they use various methods. The Romans used to have at least one government representative in each village or community, who wrote down who was born, who died, kept track of how many sheep, goats, geese and so on each farmer had, how much land they owned, what crops they harvested and how much, and so on. When tax time rolled around, they and their books would set off to the place of taxation and if anyone listed claimed less than they’d made, or failed to show up at all to pay their taxes, they were in trouble because it was already known what they owned and had earned.

Here in the US of A, our supposedly honest leaders enacted the Social Security Act, which was voted for and accepted by the citizens because it proposed to ensure that old people would not end up without some small income to survive on.

To make sure that everyone got this benefit, everyone had to sign up for it, and everyone was given A NUMBER. The Social Security number. Many people complained that this would be used as a national identification scheme but our very honest politicians assure us that Noooo, this was only for Social Security. So of course it’s used as a national I.D. number in everything. Naturally.

What started this train of thought was thinking of the Amish. They don’t take part in Social Security, so they have no Number. Their children are born within their communities instead of hospitals so there’s no Birth Certificates or any other notification to our government of their existence. They don’t serve in the military unless there’s a draft, which there hasn’t been for years now, and when they do, they’re conscientious objectors and will not fight.
People like the Amish must drive our government nuts.

Then there’s all the illegal aliens. There must be 30 or 40 million of them here now, but no one knows for sure, because record keeping in Mexico and Central America is poor and most of these people aren’t on anyone’s radar at all. They’re like Amish that way, as far as governments are concerned they don’t exist because they have no number.

No one ever comments on this, but you know, if all the Social Security numbers were erased from government records, our government would literally collapse. That’s all it would take. Just delete the entire number base and whamo, no tax base. Only corporations would be left to tax. Of course, the upside, if you can call it that, for our government anyway, is that there would be no more Soc. Sec. payments, saving our government a truly huge sum. All those starving old and disabled people might not think that was such an upside, however. ;-(

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