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Monday, May 1st, 2017

and Mundry and Tuesdry too. OPERA is now my default browser and Browser of Choice.

FIREFOX AS OF NOW, OFFICIALLY SUCKS! Mozilla Firefox NO LONGER SUPPORTS JAVA and that means you cannot properly access my WordPress blog. Because, WordPress requires JAVA to be enabled in your browser.

If you are still living in the Dork Ages and using Internet Exploder, and having trouble here, then the latest ActiveX update you probably downloaded automatically may have disabled Java, OR, you have an outdated ActiveX and an updated Java, in either case your Java has gone FUBAR and you need to re-enable or just delete the damn program like I did.

Log In and Comments require JAVA, or as they say in Mexico, HAVA. Just kidding. Not. Anyway, get Opera. It’s pretty cool once you get used to using it.