and Mundry and Tuesdry too. OPERA is now my default browser and Browser of Choice.

FIREFOX AS OF NOW, OFFICIALLY SUCKS! Mozilla Firefox NO LONGER SUPPORTS JAVA and that means you cannot properly access my WordPress blog. Because, WordPress requires JAVA to be enabled in your browser.

If you are still living in the Dork Ages and using Internet Exploder, and having trouble here, then the latest ActiveX update you probably downloaded automatically may have disabled Java, OR, you have an outdated ActiveX and an updated Java, in either case your Java has gone FUBAR and you need to re-enable or just delete the damn program like I did.

Log In and Comments require JAVA, or as they say in Mexico, HAVA. Just kidding. Not. Anyway, get Opera. It’s pretty cool once you get used to using it.

6 Responses to “TO ALL AND SUNDRY”

  1. jscher2000 says:

    TEST Comment. Hello.

  2. x says:

    Hmm. Trouble is, anyone who uses Firefox, IE or Edge is not going to change browsers just to read a comment on your blog, even assuming they notice your comment here.

    Why do you think Java is the problem? I don’t use WP but can’t find anything that suggests it uses Java. Do you mean javascript? That is so fundamental to so many webpages no browser would block it.

    You seem to be using the basic WP commenting. Maybe one of these plugins would work?

  3. x says:

    Hang on! Saw above comment straight away! It’s working now!!!!

  4. x says:

    No it isn’t. Came back and comments gone again,

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah, still the same. I just did the Java 8 update even tho it’s supposed to be too advanced for my old WinXP op system, but that fixed nothing. I ran this past the WordPress comment board and got lots of input but everyone is baffled and no fixes.

    I did the Firefox Restart with Add-ons Disables thing, same problem. I ran Firefox in Safe Mode, same problem.

    In order to upgrade to a newer version of Windows I would have to get a new computer, because of motherboard requirements. I do have a near-new Win7 pc stashed away but I really like WinXP and plan to use it until the cows come home and eat the pigs.

    There is one last thing I could try, and that’s to revert to an earlier version of Firefox that still accepts Java, BUT, is that going to make WordPress start behaving on YOUR computer?

    Okay, the previous version of Firefox, that worked well with WordPress, is still stored in my Program Files and it’s this older version that I’m adding this footnote to. Even with the previously working version, THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE. So it’s not Firefox at all, and no one on the WordPress forum can find a problem. Perhaps it’s something my service provider has changed.

  6. Black Sheep says:

    But wait… If it’s my service provider, then why does this problem disappear when using Opera? Wouldn’t I still have the same problem regardless? Oy vey, ach du lieber, vos ist los? Que paso?

    It won’t keep me logged in when I switch from the front page to Comments, or when I leave the page for any other page and come back. Each time I have to hit CTRL – F5 and wait for the page to refresh, then I’m logged in again, and this isn’t just on my computer, but other people’s as well.

    So. It is absolutely not some setting on my computer and not Firefox. That’s all I know for sure.