No, this isn’t a Bill O’Reilly book, this is just a little commentary of how Globalism is destroying Western Europe.

The creation of a European Union was the beginning of the end, because it created a brand new power base that never existed before, and of course it was the Germans who were at the heart of this eventual debacle. Three times the Germans tried to conquer Europe and the third time, they succeeded, not by force of arms but by the power and lure of wealth.

The core reason given that Europe’s nations should join this Union was that the more of them working together as a unit, the greater their economic clout in the world would be. A Union of European nations was touted as being synonymous with wealth and power, and the people voted for it.

What they really voted for was the end of their sovereignty as nations and their subservience to an unelected cabal of Germans who dictated their policies for them, both domestic and foreign. Took away their border guards and allowed free access between them, gave them a common currency, and in mixing all of them up together, destroyed their individual cultures forever. One big European nation, united under German rule. What could possibly go wrong?

The Germans have always been self-destructive, and after reducing themselves and most of Europe to rubble twice in two global conflicts, what was to stop them from doing the same thing again? They’re a dictatorial people, and the strict rule imposed on member states of the EU along with self-destructive policies (a German specialty), is the cause now of members wanting to leave that union.

It’s too late for much of Western Europe to save itself, not because of the loss of national identity or the flood of Eastern European workers, but because of the millions of Muslims who’ve swarmed in and absolutely will not assimilate, but are taking over instead, and the obstinate leaders of some nations who remain committed to the Globalist ideals in spite of the collapse going on all around them.

Eastern Europe isn’t in nearly as bad a shape, and a few of those nations have refused to accept any of the Muslim migrants and supposed “refugees” (who for some reason are almost entirely young Muslim men of fighting age). This has the EU leadership very upset and making threats, but not wanting to impose any penalties for fear those nations will simply leave the EU. They may anyway as the EU collapse continues, which it will as the Muslims terror attacks increase, tourism totally disappears (which it almost has now), disruption increases, production decreases and so on.

It’s hard to say what’s next other than that the wonderful, varied culture of Europe lays in ashes now and the infrastructure may follow suit. Time will tell and meanwhile my plan of maybe re-visiting a few places there like London, Golfe Juan, Cannes, Athens and Naples has been cancelled. I wouldn’t recognize them anymore anyway.

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