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Monday, May 8th, 2017

I don’t understand… There’s so very much that Pres. Donald Trump could have done by now to set old wrongs to right. There’s those two Border Patrol agents that were sent to prison for long terms for shooting a wetback Mexican in the ass. He was waving a gun at them and they fired on him, he turned to run and one bullet hit him in the butt, and for that they’re sent to prison? W. Bush commuted the rest of their sentences after they’d been locked for a few years, but these guys need to be PARDONED and I mean NOW.

WHY isn’t our Attorney General Jeff Sessions PROSECUTING ANYONE? My god, there’s a long list of known violators of Federal laws and nothing is being done, all the IRS crooks under Obama, too many to mention and NOT ONE prosecution has been forthcoming in the past 100+ days OF ANY KIND from this guy. What the hell is he there for? His smile?

Moving our embassy to Jerusalem, reversing the Federal land grabs of many millions of acres by Obama by declaring huge tracts to be national parks. Many other such simple things.

Cutting off our funds to the West Bank and Gaza Strip terrorists, cutting off funds to the UN. Hell, getting out of the UN altogether. There’s 100’s of Obama appointees still in our government that need to be fired and replaced.

What he’s done so far looks to be good stuff, mostly anyway. Now I want to see more, and lots more. Faster. Sooner.


Monday, May 8th, 2017

At least this blog is still alive. It was teetering on the brink yesterday, it’s been one problem after another ever since WordPress Auto-Update tried and failed to update to the latest version, and only succeeded in fouling everything up.

Since then it’s been a constant round of talking to ISP techs and messing with various file configurations. Last night I succeeded in returning the thing to a previous save, and deleting two copies of this domain that had no business being there, and what do you know, the header is back and it looks normal again.

There’s still a few loading and login glitches, or at least I’ve experienced some this morning, but I’m hoping that they’re the result of browser cache and not anything deeper. Time will certainly tell. Meanwhile, Auto-Updates are turned OFF and are going to stay that way.

Now for the Dead. I refer to France, of course, where 66% of the people there are dead. Not today, perhaps, but it may not be too long as they’re certainly suicidal. They proved that by voting for that Globalist Macron, who will bring in more and more Muslims to hasten the demise of France as a free nation and kill anyone and everyone who refuses to kneel to their imaginary god of blood and death.

I have fond memories of France as a young sailor. Those young ladies were so very fine. I’ll just keep to those.