I see where Michael Savage, the famous commentator, is attempting to advise President Trump on how to “save” his Presidency. His assumption that the Trump presidency needs saving isn’t shared with many others, and he goes on to say that Pres. Trump “needs to stop Tweeting so much”.

Every time Pres. Trump issues one of those little bursts of text, all the media pick up on it and every one reports it exactly as it was written. Of course, almost all the media then totally distort the meaning of it, spin it into something else, and spew out another ration of hatred. BUT they can’t avoid printing it as it was written because everyone else is doing the same.

Now, when Pres. Trump makes a verbal statement, gives a speech, it’s so much easier to take things out of context, out of the middle of a paragraph or sentence, that then sounds utterly different in meaning than when it was in context. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY Pres. Trump issues so many short tweets. He makes it impossible for the media to change his words and at the same time forces them to report what he says.

Other: I came into the house this morning after watering the garden, to find a message on my answering machine. It purported to be from the Internal Revenue Service, and supposedly regarded a case they were bringing against me, and to call a phone number that was repeated 2 more times. Most Americans are pretty afraid of the IRS, they have a nasty reputation of making poor, destitute people out of wealthy people and then sending them to prison.

This is a scam phone call, of course, and when you call that number, someone will try to scare you into giving them your credit card info to pay for a supposed debt you owe the IRS. In reality the IRS never calls first, they send out letters. But these scammers are making a lot of money doing this, and our government says it’s one of the biggest fraud problems in the entire country.

My home phone, by the way, is a little black box with an antenna on it, cellular technology, that I plug a couple of normal phones into. Hard-wired phones are just about a thing of the past, along with public pay phones which have all disappeared and become collector items. There’s several things about cell tech that disturb me, and one is that they make your actions and whereabouts traceable. While that can be lifesaving it’s also a serious breach of privacy. Another is that the sound quality is so crappy, and a third is that connectivity tends to be poor. Combine poor sound with a poor connection and you’re suddenly aware of how much this technology still needs improvement.

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